Want to discover all the latest developments in the Syncro range? Here’s catalogue no. 22-1/2019

Syncro System never stops improving! Our R&D department is always hard at work improving old products and designing new ones on the basis of suggestions from customers and feedback from installers. Our catalogues clearly reflect this hard work! At Syncro, we renew our catalogues regularly to make sure they always contain the latest Syncro System products.

Issue no. 22-1 came out in December 2019 and contains a number of improvements and modifications to products old and new. 

The Syncro catalogue: structure and content

Catalogue no. 22-1/2019 is slightly bigger than the last issue. The arrangement of the sections has not changed:

RED: the history of Francom and the Syncro Group, materials and technologies, management systems, and special equipment.

ORANGE: protective liners for van interiors.

GREEN: van racking modules; drawers, shelves, cases, lockers, floor level storage modules and work surfaces.

FUCHSIA: accessories to suit the needs of all van users.

DARK BLUE: roof transport systems.

YELLOW: access ramps for effortless and risk-free loading.

LIGHT BLUE: examples of racking systems in various makes and models of van.

Where to find the catalogue

Call in to any Syncro New Zealand dealer to pick up a personal copy of the catalogue. Call us for an appointment if you would like an obligation-free chat and quote!

If it’s more practical, you can download catalogue 22-1/2019 to your PC or smartphone by clicking on this link.

You can even browse it directly on line, without taking up valuable memory on your device, here:

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