There are certain parts of the van cargo that can create a challenge to van upfits. In this case, we are talking about the rear wheel wells. With an upfit using Syncro System racking components, you can turn them into useful, convenient storage.

We offer an array of wheel arch frames that fit all van make and models - even vans with non-standard or elongated wheel well forms. The Syncro System wheel arch frame doesn't just cover the wheel well making installing racking systems easier, it creates a solid base for the various racking components (lockers, shelving and drawer units, etc), it also has a modular design so it is perfectly compatible with the whole Syncro product line. If you are looking to take advantage of every bit of usable space on your van, then you can choose a wheel arch frame with forward-tilting base board or front door panel. This way, the space can be utilized to store tools and equipment of even considerable size.

01_Lockable Wheelhouse Cover for Vans in New Zealand02_Wheelhouse Cover for Vans from Van Extras03_Tool Cases Blocking System for any Van by Syncro System

Safe case storage

And wheel arch frames don't have to be mounted just over the wheels.They can be installed in other areas of the cargo space and used to secure cases and tool boxes by mounting the carrying case storage and locking system. This handy accessory locks carrying cases safely and orderly in place during transit. It is available in two models: strap with clasp attached to a sliding shuttle along a wall track, or sliding arm with blocking disk that holds cases securely in place.


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