The story of a company: the first sixty years of Francom in a book packed with phtographs 

In 60 years, Francom has grown from a small workshop producing farm implements to a leading manufacturer of van racking. The Syncro Group has decided to celebrate this impressive growth by re-issuing the book entitled “From Francom to Syncro System. The first sixty years of the Syncro Group”. 

01_1960s: production of farm implements02_1970s: production of tool boxes03_1995: arrival of the Syncro van racking system06_2012: a Syncro racking system 07_2018: the new production plant08_ Syncro System around the world09_A Syncro Ultra racking solution in 2019

The book comprises 73 pages packed with photos of the Comunello family, including Francom’s founder, Francesco Comunello and his wife Maria, their children Luca, Adamo and Bibiana and their families and, of course photos of the company’s employees, factories and products. In fact, virtually the entire Syncro world! 

If you would like to learn more, you can browse the book here: 

Or you can download it free of charge here.