A clear and complete catalogue of Syncro System van racking: 2022 edition out now

If you want to browse Syncro System’s van racking catalogue no. 24.1, second update 2022,  you’re on the right page! You can view it directly on-line here:

You can even download it, or, if you get the chance, why don’t you call in to our Auckland branch, which covers the whole of New Zealand.

Our catalogue’s 24th edition / 2nd version

Our latest catalogues have introduced a major change: Syncro Ultra, a revolutionary van racking design system, now applied to all products in the Syncro range. What has changed? Syncro racking is now totally flexible: any horizontal element (drawer, shelf, vice bench, worktop, etc.) can now be combined with any other element to meet your needs and preferences. 

See what we mean by visiting the Syncro Ultra page, here! 

copertina- ING SPAcontenitore con frontalino trasparente - ING SPAnuovi elementi per il tetto - ING SPA

Other content in the catalogue

Catalogue no. 24.1/2022 is slightly bigger than the last issue. The arrangement of the sections has not changed:

RED: the history of Francom and the Syncro Group, materials and technologies, management systems, and special equipment.

ORANGE: protective liners for van interiors.

GREEN: van racking modules; drawers, shelves, cases, lockers, floor level storage modules and work surfaces.

FUCHSIA: accessories to suit the needs of all van users.

DARK BLUE: roof transport systems.

YELLOW: access ramps for effortless and risk-free loading.

LIGHT BLUE: examples of racking systems in various makes and models of van.

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