Why the new Ultra system?

Syncro customers demand personalised racking systems that meet their real needs. This means that, out of the tens of thousands of vans we have fitted out over the years, no two installations have been exactly the same. It’s simply because people do different jobs in different places and in different ways. To meet everybody’s requirements more precisely, Syncro has developed a new racking system that exponentially increases the number of ways in which racking and accessories can be installed in commercial vehicles. That new system is called Ultra

00_Racking with a fold-away vice bench – left side01_ Racking with a fold-away vice bench – right side02_A fold-away vice bench with support 03_ Euronorm containers for vans

The characteristics of Ultra racking 

Ultra racking is instantly recognisable. The side panels all have holes that are equally spaced vertically and horizontally. This gives a number of major advantages:

  • Any horizontal element can be fitted at any height, simply by using the nearest holes.
  • Racking elements can be moved or switched over at any time without having to drill new holes.
  • Shelves can be fitted on a slope, using holes at a slightly different level, front and rear.
  • All combinations become possible: one drawer and one shelf, three drawers and two shelves, one case tray and a shelf of plastic containers, and so on. The only limit is the height of your van! 

The same racking elements, but far more efficient!

Some Syncro racking elements have changed radically with the introduction of the new Ultra system, which permits far greater flexibility, efficiency and functionality. 

Lockers. In our old racking system, lockers consisted of dedicated, single-piece structures. In the new Ultra system, they are made from a front surround, a door with a lock and a set of panels that enclose the locker at the top, bottom, sides and rear. Internal dimensions are such that horizontal elements can now be fitted in exactly the same way as in the racking outside. In other words, lockers can now house drawers, shelves, containers and cases! 

Metal drawers. Our drawers have not changed, but now they no longer require a dedicated cabinet to hold them. Drawers can now be fitted in any position and facing in any direction too. This is particularly useful at your van’s side door as it allows easy access to some drawers without you having to climb into your van first. The remaining drawers can be arranged to open in the normal way, towards the centre of the cargo compartment. 

Shelves. In the new Ultra system, the shelf has gained total independence and is far more versatile. In addition to serving as the bottom of an open compartment, it can also be transformed into an enclosed compartment simply by adding one of the three types of door available from our catalogue. 

04_A large van with Syncro Ultra racking – left side04bis_ A large van with Syncro Ultra racking – right side05_Opening a pull-out vice bench 06_A bar and strap case retaining system 07_A paper roll holder

Start thinking about your ideal racking system

It’s not easy to find words to describe something that offers virtually infinite possibilities. That’s why the best thing for you to do is browse through the many examples of racking systems already installed using the new Ultra system. On this page you can find vans of all makes, fitted with custom racking systems that perfectly match the needs of their users and optimise space too. 

Have a look for yourself and you’re sure to find inspiration! Then come and see us at our Auckland centre or phone or email us. One of our experts will be happy to help you decide on the perfect racking system for your needs! 

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