Metal drawers, just like shelves, are extremely popular with all kinds of tradesmen. They are ideal for carrying tools, accessories and other objects in a safe, orderly manner, out of the sight of prying eyes. With Syncro’s new Ultra racking, drawers have evolved into fully independent elements and can now be fitted individually or in conjunction with other elements like plain shelves, shelves of plastic containers, lockers, workbenches and, of course, other drawers. They can also be installed at any height thanks to the large number of holes in Ultra side panels and can open towards the centre of the van or towards one of the doors. Nothing has been left to chance either functionally or stylistically. The high-strength steel drawer fronts are painted in classic Syncro blue and are fitted with a flush-fitting black plastic handle.

Ultra drawers: a closer look

01_A drawer with a double-height door02_An open drawer 03_A cabinet with one drawer open

Syncro drawers are mounted in ball-bearing runners that allow them to be pulled out even beyond their full length to permit superbly easy access. To open a drawer, all you need to do is press gently upwards on the lever inside the handle. Closing is even easier: just push the drawer in and it locks automatically in closed position. Syncro drawers all come with: 

  • a non-slip mat with strong, embedded nylon threads to stop contents sliding around
  • aluminium space dividers with a vibration-proof locking system 
01_A metal drawer with space dividers 02_A drawer with a non-slip mat 02bis_A drawer with mat and dividers03_A metal drawer with plastic trays

Alternatively, drawers can be fitted with coloured modular plastic trays to keep small metal and plastic parts separate.

Same idea, different purpose

Using the same ball-bearing runners that are fitted to drawers, Syncro New Zealand can also supply case trays, racking elements that are specially designed to carry tool or component cases. Trays open easily by pulling on the metal handle and allow cases to be removed and replaced with ease. 

01_A case tray02_A case tray in open position03_Removing a case from a tray04_A metal case removed from its tray

Drawers can even be converted into writing desks by installing a special kit consisting of a 12 mm thick marble-look plywood board, a set of hinges and two front stops. This easy-to-install kit transforms drawers into pull-out desks that are ideal as supports for a laptop computer or a writing pad. The drawer even maintains its original functionality: the writing board simply lifts up to provide access to the contents of the drawer body. 

01_A writing board for a drawer 02_Opening the in-drawer writing board 03_A plywood writing board for drawers

Sideways-opening drawer cabinets 

Sideways-opening drawers are the only kind that come in dedicated cabinets. They are generally installed near the van’s side door to permit easy access to contents without you having climb on board. Cabinets are available with two, three or four drawers in heights from 108 to 216 mm.

01_A sideways-opening drawer cabinet accessible from the side door01bis_A sideways-opening drawer cabinet02_A cabinet of sideways-opening drawers with one drawer open
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