To secure loose items such as tools and hardware supplies within the vehicle, van racking and van shelving are the ideal solution. No matter whether you are an electrician, a plumber or a carpenter, we have a variety of different types of van racking and van shelving available to suit from heavy tool storage to smaller component organisation.  Whether you are looking for a mobile workshop conversion or you simply wish to increase the efficiency of your working place thanks to trolleys, shelves, drawers, workbenches, worktops, that is a well-organised working environment, contact the professional team for van conversion by Auto Transform in Auckland.

Workbenches in laminated wood 

01_Worktop for Vans from Van Extras02_Workbench for Vans in New Zealand by Syncro System13_Daily with worktop

Worktops and workbenches offered by Auto Transform are manufactured in laminated marine wood, light but strong, with a phenol coating on top for superior durability. Worktops are usually mounted on top of racking to create a solid base to operate power tools or to provide a sturdy working surface to carry out your daily work inside your mobile workshop. A worktop is a must for mobile professionals, no matter your trade.

Indestructible workbenches in plywood + stainless steel 

01_worktops in stainless steel02_workbench in plywood and stainless steel03_workbench for vans04_workbench with raised edges and stainless steel

If you are searching for a work surface even tougher than Syncro’s robust coated plywood, look no further. Syncro’s standard marble-look plywood worktops can now be covered with 2 mm thick stainless steel to produce a workbench capable of withstanding the highest loads and stresses without damage.  Nothing sticks to a stainless-steel surface. A quick wipe will be all you need to keep your worktop perfectly clean. 

Worktops with or without side edges

01_Worktop with Raised Edging, to be mounted on top of the Storage Units of Vans 02_Worktops for Vans

Worktops for vans are available with or without side edges. The stainless-steel covering can also be applied to the bench’s raised edges, if present.

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