Syncro System offer a wide range of roofing equipment from crossbars, roof racks, ladder racks, pipe tubes. A safe, simple and inexpensive means of loading and securing ladders or other equipments onto the roof of commercial vehicles. Syncro System roof rack system can be customized to suit your needs.

01_Von Karman streets with a normal profile02_Use of Ultrasilent profiles to reduce Von Karman street effect03_Ultrasilent profile for roof rack cross bars from Syncro New Zealand04_Ultrasilent profile for roof rack cross bars from Syncro New Zealand

After Supersilent4, here comes Ultrasilent

Syncro System has found a new and even more effective solution to the problem of roof rack noise and vibration. ULTRASILENT reduces noise by a further 50% compared to the latest Supersilent profile, version 4. The ULTRASILENT system involves the installation of a ridged, noise-reducing profile under the first cross-bar. This breaks up the air flow that passes between the cross bars and the roof of the van, dramatically reducing the phenomenon known technically as “Von Karman street effect”.

Roof Bars, Pipe Carrier for Mobile Workshop in New ZealandRoof Racks for the equipment of Vans with Syncro System products in New ZealandRoof Racks in New Zealand for Mobile WorkshopSteel walkway for safe movement on the van roof

Syncro roof and ladder racks are modular and can be designed according to specific needs and different applications. They can be moved from one vehicle to the other simply by changing the supporting feet. If you need to walk around on the roof of your van, ask Syncro to install a walkway with a high-grip surface. 

Ladder Rack for Vans with one Slide-Out from Van ExtrasSyncro Ladder Holder Systems in New Zealand from Van ExtrasIn New Zealand, Ladder Rack for Vans from Van ExtrasTilting Ladder Holder for Vans
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