Panel vans usually do not have any interior protections so it is quite easy to badly damage the bodywork when loading and transporting goods, equipment and materials.

With Syncro System van protection, this problem is over. Syncro System product range comprises a great deal of van protection products: panel floors and side lining in marine laminated wood resin coated, chequered aluminium or plastic alveolar paneling; lining and rear doors covering in electro galvanized and painted steel and aluminium.  Van protection are manufactured with latest technology machinery to ensure quality and precision.

Bodywork DamagesVan without Protection: Damages

Floor kits, lining and other van protections are precut and predrilled, ready for installation! This takes usually 1 or 2 hours.

Steel Trim for Van Floor in New ZealandSteel Trim for Van Floor in New ZealandSteel Trim for Van Floor in New Zealand

Iveco Daily interior lining: floor, side panels and bulkhead cover. The resin-coated wooden floor panels come equipped with protective stainless steel borders along the edges corresponding to the back doors and rear bumper. For some commercial vehicles (Ducato, Boxer and Jumper), special non-slip steel bumper guards are also available. For all other models, protective chequered plate aluminum guards can be used to both protect the bumper and ensure safe access in and out of the van.

New floor liner finishes

Syncro Switzerland in Geneva now has the latest surface finishes for birch plywood floor liners: marble-look and rubber-coated. The main characteristics of each new finish are as follows.

01_A Ducato with a marble-look floor liner 02_Marble-look plywood for floor liners 03_A Renault Master with a marble-look floor liner 04_A Doblò with a rubber-coated floor liner 05_Close-up of the rice-grain rubber surface 06_A floor liner with a rubber-coated surface

Marble-look floor liners

  • Light in colour with small dots in various shades of grey: bright and attractive
  • A smooth, uniform surface: easy to clean
  • A pattern that resembles marble agglomerate: hides small marks and stains
  • Hexagon relief pattern: excellent grip

Rubber-coated floor liners

  • Light coloured plastic material: bright and attractive
  • No hollows in the surface: easy to clean
  • Tough material: robust and durable
  • Rice-grain relief pattern: maximum grip

The super-tough option: two-layer floor liners

A close-up of the plywood and aluminium floor liner A Jumpy with a two-layer floor liner in birch plywood and aluminium tread plate Stainless-steel edging on the 9 mm birch plywood + aluminium tread plate floor liner

By adding a layer of birch plywood to another in aluminium tread plate, Syncro has created a super-tough two-layer floor liner capable of withstanding any load a van is likely to carry, with no deformation whatsoever. 

Protections for van roofs

Interior Protections for VansSide Lining for Vans in New ZealandSyncro System produces and Van Extras installs Side Lining for any kind of VanVan Door Lining from Van Extras

Syncro System also protects van roofs with panels in pre-coated steel, aluminum or plastic alveolar paneling. To maximize ceiling space inside the cab of the high roof Ducato, Boxer, Jumper and Daily vans, there is a brand new solution: the cab ceiling storage cubby. It is composed of a high strength steel sheet paneling which closes off the ceiling space creating a handy storage compartment, accessible from the cargo area by a double-locking long horizontal door.

Ceiling Storage for VansCeiling Storage Space for Higher Vans in New ZealandComplete Side and Ceiling Protection for Ducato in New ZealandProtective Cladding  for the Ceiling of Ducato Fiat
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