Syncro uses PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) to produce its top-quality transparent containers. This clear plastic is one of the key strengths of Syncro containers. It is so resistant to impact that it is used to make shatter-proof windows and it offers a whole series of advantages: 

  • It is lighter and more transparent than glass.
  • It is non-toxic and bio-compatible.
  • It is resistant to most common chemical products.
  • It is unaffected by UVA and shows no signs of yellowing for 20 years, even if exposed to sunlight. 

From the standpoint of organisation, clear plastic containers let you see exactly what material you have in stock, eliminate the need to search for items and even stop you running out of things unexpectedly. 

Tilting and pull-out transparent containers 

Syncro New Zealand supplies two types of transparent containers: tilting and pull-out. The cabinets are made from steel and the containers themselves are designed with no protruding parts and with a recessed release button at the front. Both types can be fitted with aluminium space dividers to create separate compartments for different materials. Both types can also be opened normally or completely removed by lifting them up when in fully open position.

Big tilting transparent container for vansTilting transparent containersTilting transparent containers – closedTilting transparent containers – open Tilting transparent containers – removedTilting transparent containers for small articlesVan racking with tilting transparent containers

Tilting containers are short (110 or 161 mm) and therefore take up less space. Their cabinets can be installed horizontally, as wall-mounted units or in columns of racking, or fitted vertically to racking side panels.  The following cabinets are designed for assembly side by side:

  • height 180 mm, with one large container or two smaller containers one above the other
  • height 252 mm, with special metal body available for use with 180 mm cabinets
  • height 324 mm for maximum storage capacity, with dividers for forming separate compartments 
01_Multibox transparent containerA pull-out transparent container for vansA transparent Multibox

Pull-out container cabinets can hold up to 12 individual containers, each with longitudinal and/or transverse dividers. The containers are opened simply by pulling them outwards. A spring in the mechanism holds the container in fully-open position but you can remove the container completely by applying slightly greater force while tilting it upwards.

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