If you want something more, choose Ecoflow: a battery, battery charger, and inverter all in one.

Ecoflow offers something more than a simple inverter because it incorporates a lithium battery and a battery charger too. Ecoflow can be charged from the mains, from your van’s battery or from solar panels on the roof. Ecoflow comes in a choice of models:

  • the River series, covering modest power requirements from 210 to 1,440 Wh with 300-600 W of output
  • the Delta series, for higher power applications from 882 to 10.8 kWh with 1,400 – 3,600 W of output
11_Ecoflow con utensili sul furgone22_ecoflow nel furgone 233_ecoflow nel furgone 1

Ecoflow can power sensitive electronic devices as well as power-hungry machines like compressors. And remember that Ecoflow delivers zero-emissions energy if recharged by solar panels!

Integration in Syncro racking

01_A Volkswagen Transporter equipped as a mobile workshop by Syncro System 02_A compact Ecoflow power station with a custom-made frame in an enclosed floor-level compartment in the Transporter03_A mobile workshop in an Iveco Daily with Syncro System racking and accessories04_An Ecoflow power station integrated in the Daily’s Syncro racking

If you want to include one or more Ecoflow power stations in your van’s racking, ask Syncro System New Zealand to help you find the best way to integrate everything. 

It doesn’t matter whether your van already has a Syncro racking system or is waiting to be transformed into a personalised mobile workshop. Ecoflow can be installed wherever you want – at floor-level or on higher shelves, in enclosed or open compartments. And it can be held securely in place during transport using custom-made metal frames, hooks and lashing straps. 

Why should I choose Ecoflow? 

Because Ecoflow power stations are powerful but easily portable, and because they can be recharged rapidly from a renewable energy source! And, of course, because they give you the autonomy you need without taking up valuable space and without emitting noise and fumes. 

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