Syncro System in-vehicle storage solution range has more than 3.000 components including various type of shelves: with aluminium dividers, open shelves, with door and plastic storage bins.

Frame for Van Shelving UnitsIn New Zealand, Shelves for VansShelf Door for Vans from Van Extras

All Syncro System shelftrays are manufactured in high-strength steel. Those provided with aluminium dividers come with anti-slip mats and dividers’ anti-vibration fixation system.The trapezoidal design with a higher rear side enables easy access and superior loading volume. Shelving is also available with door, provided with parallelogram gas spring assisted hinge system.

Van equipped by Van Extras with Shelving Units with Plastic ContainersSyncro System Polypropilene Containers Vs Other ContainersVan Shelving Units with Plastic Boxes

Polypropylene containers have been designed according to Syncro System customers’ requirements. They are larger than standard storage bins and grant optimal space utilization in the loading bay of your commercial vehicle.

Thanks to the design of shelf tray, plastic bins stand still when driving and can be easily picked up and taken out to the working place whenever it is needed.

Shelf with Tray for Portable Utility CaseShelving Units for Tool CasesPC Holder inside Vans from Van Extras

The professional box CAS35 is a larger container provided with 2 steel handles for easy transport.

Sealed, stainless steel trays

There’s a new addition to Syncro’s range of van shelving. The new liquid-and-lubricant tray has a bottom and sides made from stainless steel. Though open at the top, the stainless-steel body is completely water-tight and oil-tight. This makes the new tray ideal for transporting cans of oil, fuel and other liquids. Accidental spillages or leaks remain safely inside the tray and do not leak out on to the racking or the floor. Syncro’s new stainless-steel tray provides a simple but effective solution to the problem of carrying liquids in your van.

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