Nothing could be simpler – or more functional! Syncro New Zealand presents the shelf, one of the most popular elements of van racking. Syncro’s rich catalogue contains a wide variety of shelves, and new types are constantly being added to satisfy different needs.

  • The “simple” shelf, with non-slip mat and space dividers, can be left open or enclosed by a door to keep tools and other frequently needed items safe and handy.
  • The reversible shelf can be used to hold Euronorm containers or as a plain shelf. 
  • Shaped shelves are tailor-made to hold plastic containers.
  • Stainless-steel trays are ideal for carrying cans of oil and other liquids safely and cleanly.
  • Fold-away shelves are the ideal solution for express couriers.
  • Extendable trays are great for carrying long objects. 

All Syncro shelves are made from high-strength steel and can be installed at any height thanks to the holes in Ultra side panels.

Shelves with accessories

01_An open shelf with a non-slip mat and space dividers 02_A high-back shelf 03_An open shelf in a van04_An open shelf and shelves of plastic containers

These shelves are characterised by the presence of 72 mm front and rear edges. Each shelf comes with an ultra-light non-slip mat and between 1 and 12 aluminium partitions (space dividers), with or without fixing clips. On request, these shelves can also be fitted with a 72 mm back panel and side panels.  For maximum capacity and excellent separation between shelf compartments, the best solution is a high-back shelf. In this version, the shelf back and the dividers have a height of 180 mm. 

"Reversible” shelves 

0005_A shelf, showing the raised edges 001_An open shelf with a case 002_An open shelf with Euronorm containers003_An open shelf with a Euronorm container<0} 

These shelves have a 36 edge around all four sides. They can be installed facing up or down. With the edges facing up, they can be fitted with adapters for metal cases of between 310 and 410 mm in length or brackets for Euronorm containers. With the edge facing down, they provide a perfectly flat surface for carrying boxes. The Ultra system lets you fit these shelves sloping backwards at about 6 degrees. This helps keep cargo in place if the shelves are fitted with the edges facing down.

Shelves for plastic containers

These special shelves are designed specifically to carry plastic containers, which come in 6 models of different length, width and height.<0} {0>Ciascun contenitore in plastica può essere ulteriormente frazionato con l’inserimento degli appositi divisori in alluminio.<}0{>Plastic containers can be fitted with aluminium partitions to divide them into different compartments.

40_A large pull-out plastic container A shelf with a door and pull-out plastic containers A shelf with plastic containers and a door in frontSmall pull-out plastic containers

Covers and doors for shelves

01_A wheel arch compartment with a top-pivot door30_A shelf door with gas springsA lift-up door with lock and keyA series of shelves and drawers with doors at the frontA shelf with a door A shelf with a fully opening doorA wheel arch compartment with a fold-down bottom door and a top-pivot door

For added strength, shelves can be covered with marble-look plywood tops. Like all racking elements, shelves can be enclosed by adding a door. There are three types of door:

  • lift-up doors with a parallelogram opening system with two gas springs and an integrated synchronisation tube. These open upwards and come to rest parallel with the front of the racking above.
  • A version with a recessed lock is also available.
  • Lift-and-rotate doors, with Syncro’s patented lift and rotate hinges. These doors open outwards and downwards and come to rest parallel with the floor. The doors themselves are made from high-strength steel while their hinges are in stainless steel. These doors can be fitted to any racking element that is not in direct contact with the floor.
  • Top-pivot doors, with gas springs. This type opens upwards.

All Syncro doors are equipped with maintenance-free mechanisms!

Extendable trays

01_Access to an extendable tray 02_Placing a long bar in an extendable tray

These shelves are generally installed at the top of a column of racking, over the top edge of the side panel. They can also be fitted directly to the van’s side wall using special brackets. They are designed to carry particularly long items and have an access door at the rear.

Fold-away shelves: maximum functionality, minimum loss of space

Syncro System’s new, metal and plywood fold-away shelves feature lift-and-rotate hinges and come complete with cargo rails and lashing straps. The design and materials of the component parts ensure minimum weight while the hinges, in conjunction with the rails and straps, make these shelves extremely functional for restraining cargo and materials.

01_Fold-away shelves for an express courier 2_Fold-away shelves in closed position3_ Fold-away shelves loaded with cargo4_Cargo lashed on open fold-away shelves

These shelves are designed to meet the working needs of delivery and courier services who have to deal with cargo of different size and shape every day. Syncro fold-away shelves are ideal for users of this kind, who need shelving that can be opened out as necessary and can be quickly and easily folded away if more space is needed inside the van’s cargo compartment.

Sealed, stainless steel trays

There’s a new addition to Syncro’s range of van shelving. The new liquid-and-lubricant tray has a bottom and sides made from stainless steel. Though open at the top, the stainless-steel body is completely water-tight and oil-tight. This makes the new tray ideal for transporting cans of oil, fuel and other liquids. Accidental spillages or leaks remain safely inside the tray and do not leak out on to the racking or the floor. Syncro’s new stainless-steel tray provides a simple but effective solution to the problem of carrying liquids in your van.

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