Versatility is one of the key qualities of a successful working commercial vehicle: only in this way, can you make use of every last inch of cargo space, adapting your van, as necessary, to the different materials and equipment that you need to transport. The Syncro System group has studied the various problems that van owners face, and years of experience in the sector, along with the valuable input of its customers, has helped us come up with a line of unique accessories made with the best materials available.

In this case, we are talking about our load lock bars, which are essential to ensure safe transport of fragile and often expensive cargo, like glass or furniture with glass parts. To avoid any possible damage due to shifting during transport, Auto Transform recommends the use of load lock bars.

01_Project for a Van with Load Lock Bars02_Load Lock Bars for Vans03_Vertical Bars for Vans04_Van with Load Lock Bars in New Zealand

Above, are other models of load lock bars that can be fixed in place with a built-in spring system, locking them securely in place: either into tracks mounted on the floor of the van, or by using a pressure system without having to mount tracks.

01_Load Lock Bars Blocking System02_Load Lock Bars Button03_Ratcheting Load Lock Bars for Vans

Each of the solutions provides versatility also due to the fact that the bars can easily be moved in the van or completely removed and stored until they are needed again. And, if even greater attention must be taken to protect extremely fragile cargo, Syncro System also offers bars with a cushioned covering. Just head into your local Syncro center and you will be taken care of from consultation to post-sale.

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