In order to convert your vehicle in an efficient mobile workshop, you need definitely a sturdy and reliable vice together with its vice holder, fully integrated with your modular van racking. Van extras can offer different kind of vices and vice holders for vans, these are designed to be bolted directly to the vehicle floor or integrated inside the van racking. They can be used in the extended or closed position to provide good accessibility when using the vice.

01_Pull-out Vice Support for Vans02_Van Extras installs Vice Holder for Vans03_Vice support for vans

The sliding vice holder is a very simple and compact solution. Thanks to its steel body, side reinforcements in stainless-steel and the double locking handle, this vice holder grant a superior functioning whilst reducing to a minimum its volume inside the vehicle when in the closing position. A ground support leg is also available on demand for heavy duty applications. The main body is manufactured in high-strength steel, the sliding bench in laminated wood whereas the moving parts are in stainless-steel. The fold-up vice holders have a low centre of gravity which gives better vehicle handling.

01_tilting vice holder - closed02_opening of tilting vice holder03_tilting vice holder with support

Strength and stability are the key advantages of Syncro System folding vice holders. These are provided with an automatic locking and release mechanism operated through the side lever. They also feature a support leg integrated in the work bench, that goes automatically in the open position, and a reinforcement plate in chequered aluminium.

Vice in Steel for VansVice for Vans from Van ExtrasSpecial Vice for Threading Pipes in Vans, from Van Extras

Space shortage is a common problem in small- and medium-size vehicles. Syncro offer also PM4 vice holders featuring all technical characteristics of the larger vice holder but the support leg with a compact design and reduced dimensions.The ideal vice holder for small service vehicles! Syncro System parallel vices are provided with swivelling base and pipe jaws.

Two models available: MOG - 125 MM vice in forged steel and MOG4N - 110 MM vice in welded steel.

Pipe vices also available up to 2 or 3 inches.

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