Case storage for vans 

Tool cases are among the most common accessories used by tradesmen when installing and servicing systems and equipment at their customers’ premises. More often than not, you need to carry a number of tool and component cases to each job, and this make it essential to have a compartment in your van properly equipped to transport them securely. Syncro New Zealand can include various types of case transport system in your van’s racking: 

  • case trays that function just like drawers and hold your cases in specially shaped adapters
  • shelves with case adapters that do not pull out, but nevertheless provide practical, secure storage and easy access
  • case storage compartments intended to contain a larger number of cases, even of different types and sizes, and to hold them securely together. Syncro can fit two kinds of compartment: with an automatic shuttle or retaining straps. Thanks to the flexibility of Ultra racking, case compartments can be positioned at any height in a column of racking, in the wheel arch area or on a shelf, and even one above another.

Case shuttles 

01_An automatic case shuttle02_A universal case compartment with a shuttle

This system consists of 3 elements: a metal rail installed at the top of the compartment, a shuttle that slides freely only in one direction and an end plate against which the cases are pressed. 

Case retaining straps 

10_A case compartment with a bar and strap retaining system11_A case strap in use

This type of case retaining system consists of 4 parts: an aluminium bar fixed to the bodywork or liner at the back of the compartment, a lockable, sliding fitting, a strap with a buckle and an end plate.

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