In every well-organized van, it is vitally important to be able to count on having a secure place to store and transport not only your tools, but papers, materials, work clothes and personal belongings. That's why you'll find a wide array of van lockers and storage cabinets in our Syncro System catalog. The whole line is made from steel and ultra-resistant aluminum. All pieces are extremely versatile, ideal for a range of different uses and are 100% compatible with all our mobile workshop's racking components. 

Those who choose to trust their upfit to the professionals at Auto Transform Syncro System center can personalize their upfit with lockers and cabinets. They come in different sizes and shapes, in order to fit the exact needs of each client, as well as the model and make of the van. Built in solid steel and ultra-resistant aluminum, the lockers, like all Syncro System products are made exclusively in Italy, are GS-TUV and CE certified, and come with a 3 year warranty.

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The van lockers offered by Syncro System can be installed in any van make or model and combine effortlessly with the Syncro shelving units, worktops and drawer units. They have ventilation holes in the back, a double lock and key, and come with the option of adding metal shelves or rods for hangers. The larger models are slightly more narrow at the top, to fit the van's body shape. This makes for a secure installation and after fixing them to the walls of the van, as well as to the other elements of the racking units, the possibility of them shifting during transit or even during an accident, is almost zero.

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