The locker, in its various forms and with Syncro System’s vast range of accessories, can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It can store important documents, carry tools and materials and even hang work clothes or jackets, if tall enough. Top and bottom latches and a recessed lock in the right-hand door provide a high level of security and deter would-be thieves. Thanks to Syncro’s Ultra system, lockers are also totally modular and can be fitted with all types of horizontal element, including drawers, shelves and plastic containers. 

01_A van locker, complete with lock and key03_Armadietto per furgoni con elementi orizzontali diversi03_Various horizontal elements inside the locker04_The locker’s metal drawers

Construction of Ultra lockers 

Ultra lockers are made from steel and aluminium. They consist of a pair of standard Ultra side panels, a front surround with two doors and a dead lock, top and bottom latches and a back panel with vents to ensure adequate air circulation. On the inside, lockers can be equipped as needed. Customers can request:

  • a hanging garment bar, alone or in conjunction with a shelf or drawer above or below 
  • any combination of metal drawers, plain shelves, shelves with plastic containers, case trays, etc.
  • an empty locker with no equipment

Syncro Ultra lockers can be positioned anywhere inside your van and are fully compatible with all other Syncro racking elements. They can be installed over, under or alongside other sections of racking. 

Tell the Syncro New Zealand team what you need. Our Auckland branch can help you design the perfect racking system for your work! Our objective is always the same: to make your work easier and to save you time and money by keeping your tools, materials and cargo tidy and secure. 

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