Compressors for vans, from Syncro New Zealand

01_A van with a generator02_A Syncro System compressor-generator combo03_A compressor-generator on a pull-out slide04_An inverter without a battery charger05_An oilless compressor06_A set of cable and hose winders in a van

If you use your van as a mobile workshop, you’ll know how important it is to have an independent energy source to drive all the electrically powered tools you carry on board. Syncro New Zealand offers a range of practical, convenient, and compact solutions in the form of generators, compressors and compressor-generator combos that integrate perfectly into your van's racking without detracting unnecessarily from carrying capacity or taking up valuable space inside the load compartment.

Separate and combined compressors and generators

Syncro’s petrol and diesel fuelled generators produce the electrical energy you need to drive electrically powered tools and equipment when no mains supply is available near the work site. Compressors provide an effective source of compressed air for cleaning tools and machines, and also require a power source to drive them. Generators and compressors can be installed separately or in a single combined unit (combo). The choice of unit depends mainly on the size of the van, since two machines inevitably weigh more and occupy more space than one single machine.

Syncro New Zealand offers both options: combined or separate, with a power output of up to 10 kW three phase or 5 kW single phase and a compressed air delivery rate of up to 1000 litres per minute at 11 bar. Units can be driven by an autonomous power source or by the van’s own engine, and come in silenced and unsilenced versions. Vertically arranged, oil-free compressors are also available for special applications.

Everything you need to run a compressors or generator, from Syncro New Zealand

Syncro New Zealand guarantees a complete and professional installation for your compressor and/or generator. Our installation teams will fit your new unit or units in secure, functional positions in your van’s racking, and will also fit all the ancillary equipment you need, such as cable and hose reels, electrical power panel and inverter.

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