Ready, get set, go! Upfitted Ducato ready for ….anything.

Auckland (New Zealand). This Fiat Ducato was upfitted by the Syncro System upfit center in New Zealand for a company that does service and installation on automatic gates and doors. Space is not a problem on the large Ducato: racking components can be combined and positioned easily in the spacious cargo area.

01_Fiat Ducato equipped by Syncro System New Zealand.jpeg02_tailor-made racking units for Ducato in New Zealand.jpeg03_Ducato with removable clear plastic containers.jpeg04_organizer case trays and drawers for Ducato.jpg

The final project, carried out by the expert Syncro technicians who -working closely with their client- created an upfit with ample extra space for loading ‘last minute’ cargo, while at the same time, providing generous storage compartments in racking units along both sides of the cargo walls. The racking components chosen, were those with reduced width, thereby leaving ample space down the middle corridor, making it easy to

  • comfortably enter and exit the cargo area
  • easily move around and access materials on shelves, in drawers and compartments
  • conveniently store tools, equipment, and materials
  • carry out small jobs on the van just like you would in the workshop

Protecting your van interior is much better than having to repair damage later….

The installation technicians at Syncro New Zealand never tire of repeating this advice: installing protective lining on your Ducato (or any other van) is much better than trying to deal with damage to the van body once it’s done. Fixing rust damage, dents, holes or warping is expensive and time consuming. The simple solution to keeping your van ‘new’ for as long as possible, is by installing specially cut and drilled Syncro System interior protective paneling. On this Ducato, we installed a chequered-plate aluminum floor panel. The customer chose to maintain the original cardboard paneling on the walls and doors. With vans of this size, customers often ask for wheel arch and bulkhead covers. The paneling also provides a solid base for mounting racking components and accessories like hooks and straps.

Upfit with lots of maneuvering room

On the left-hand side the racking unit extends back to the bulkhead while leaving some free space near the back doors. There are numerous closed compartments for safely storing and transporting tools, equipment and miscellaneous items.

The unit consists of two wheel arch frame bases – one with closing front panel the other equipped with the Syncro safe case storage system, including sliding arm and adjustable clasp. The middle section includes two shelves with closing front panels and a drawer unit with four metal components and four pull-out, organizer case trays. The metal organizer cases (as in this case) or the plastic cases, like the brand new Galaxy, are ideal for orderly and compact storage of small parts and supplies. Thanks to the sturdy handle, it can be easily brought to any work site. Finally, a series of large sturdy metal drawers – all equipped with recessed opening mechanisms, that guarantee automatic locking when the drawer is shut. Each drawer can hold up to 80 kg while gliding smoothly on ball-bearing slides.

Taking a look at the picture of the right-hand side upfit, it’s easy to see that the technicians at Syncro New Zealand transformed this Ducato into a van really ready for any job. The racking unit has 60 forward-tilting, removable clear plastic containers, which can be further divided with metal inserts. The amount of small parts and supplies that can be organized, stored, identified at a glance, and easily retrieved is truly dizzying!

Ensuring convenience and functionality while working on your van is one of the main goals of every Syncro upfit we do!

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