A Fiat Scudo transformed into a mobile workshop for emergency roadside assistance for busses by Syncro New Zealand

On this page, we see an example of a conversion solution carried out by Syncro New Zealand on a Fiat Scudo - a mid-size commercial vehicle for a repair shop that among other services, provides roadside assistance to busses.

01_Scudo outfitted to provide emergency roadside assistance to busses02_Interior lining for the Scudo, by Syncro New Zealand03_Paneling for the Fiat Scudo04_Racking solution with drawer and shelving components for the Scudo

Syncro System racking solution objectives

The owner of this Scudo required:

  • Ample space in the cargo area to store large spare parts or broken bus parts
  • Generous storage to transport tool and organizer cases of varying sizes and shapes
  • Shelving and organizer bins for storing a multitude of small parts, screws, bolts, rivets, scissors, and pliers, as well as the specific tools needed for bus repair for the private line that the company works for.
  • Roof-top transport of heavy or large equipment or materials.
  • Last but not least, interior protective paneling to keep the loading area damage free and like new.

The technicians at Syncro New Zealand were able to design and install a racking solution that, thanks to the modularity of the Syncro components, perfectly met the needs of the client. Let’s take a look ….

First things first – interior protective paneling for the Fiat Scudo cargo area.

To protect the van’s original floor and create a solid base for the racking units, we mounted a resin-coated, anti-slip plywood floor panel. This special plywood is extremely water-proof, and assures optimum protection in case of accidental liquid spills and denting by even heavy or sharp materials and equipment.

On the walls and doors, we installed galvanized steel paneling for the same reasons – to protect original van surfaces and provide a sturdy base for mounting racking components.

Racking solutions – lots of storage in minimal space

Syncro technicians installed a simple yet functional racking unit along the bulkhead – providing plenty of storage space for both large parts and smaller parts, tools and materials. The unit is mounted on a wheel arch base frame (complete with the Syncro safe case storage system). Just above it, on the right, is a drawer unit with three robust metal drawers. All drawers pull out to a fully extended position and come with rubber mats and individual automatic locking mechanisms. On the left are two open shelves. Above those, running the whole length of the unit, is a shelf with removable plastic storage bins. A final, easy to reach top shelf, provides more valuable storage. The side walls of the Scudo have been left free for convenient loading, unloading and transporting large equipment, materials and parts.

Along the left wall, we mounted a single accessory - a track and strap system for tying down cargo of all types and shapes.

05_Roof rack mounted on the Scudo by Syncro New Zealand06_Cross bars mounted on the Fiat Scudo

And if you still need loading space? Roof-top racking solutions for the Scudo!

As we saw in the list above, this client also needed to be able to load large heavy equipment and materials on the roof. Syncro New Zealand technicians mounted cross bars, rear rolling bar for easy loading and unloading, and side rails – creating a complete utility rack. All Syncro roof-rack components come with our patented Supersilent design. The increased aerodynamics leads to less fuel consumption, and reduced vibration and noise.

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