Fiat Scudo (older model) upfitted for the heating and plumbing sector

Drawer units, shelving units, cleaning accessories on the Fiat Scudo

The vehicle: The Fiat Scudo

Starting with the vehicle itself, the Scudo is a mid-size commercial van. The New Zealand branch of the Syncro System group transformed it into an all-in-one workshop on wheels, perfectly adapted to the needs of the heating and plumbing company that commissioned the work on it. The complete upfitting line, from paneling to racking components and accessories, offered in the Syncro System catalog, can be easily adapted to every van model and make, from the smallest to the largest commercial vans on the road.

The goal: Mobile workshop for assistance and installation – in the heating and plumbing sector

Our objective for this Fiat Scudo (older model) was to create an on-board workshop, ideal for the installation, maintenance, and assistance work done on heating and plumbing units. The needs of the client were:

  • containers of various sizes to safely transport tools, fittings, and spare parts;
  •  to be able to conveniently wash hands and clean up on the van;
  •  to keep materials and goods stored in a fast and easily accessible way, while leaving the cargo area uncluttered and with ample work space.
Syncro System New Zealand carries out upfits both for the new and for older models of Fiat Scudo. 

The transformation: drawer and shelving units, hand-washing kit, and hanging cable holders.

Auto Transform, Syncro System New Zealand branch, carried out the upfit in three phases:

  1. Protection of the Fiat Scudo cargo floor with our anti-slip resin-coated plywood floor panel complete with stainless steel anti-slip borders. Coverings for the walls and doors with pre-coated galvanized sheet metal paneling, cut to size for the Scudo.
  2. The racking components installed on the left-hand side consisted of a shelving unit with four shelves, a drawer unit with different sized drawers, and portable case storage tray. Additional shelving was intalled on the right-hand side and at the base on both sides, we mounted our wheel arch frame, allowing the space around the wheel arch to be used as extra storage.
  3. Range of handy van accessories that make work easier and cleaner! Hanging cable holders mounted on the the inside side walls of the van and on the bulkhead; and the hand-washing kit mounted on the back door panel consists of a paper towel roll holder, soap dispenser and water tank with spout.
Fiat Scudo equipped by Van Extras Scudo with shelving and drawers units in New ZealandAccessories for Fiat Scudo

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