An Iveco Daily upfit in New Zealand

A company working in the construction sector – in the maintenance and renovation of buildings, roads and special projects, including support assistance of large trucks, as well as light commercial vehicles transporting tools, hardware, and equipment. This client needed an upfit that used the Iveco Daily cargo space in a practical, efficient and rational matter. The Syncro System technicians kept in mind the on-site workers who would benefit from having all the necessary equipment and tools on hand to carry out every type of work requirements.

Iveco Daily upfit with Syncro racking components

Because the Daily’s large cargo space and straight lines, it offers many possibilities to mount the modular racking units in order to obtain an upfit that works ideally for the client’s needs. In this case. 

  • Along the left-hand side wall, we mounted a racking unit with two main components: a 5-shelf shelving unit and a wheel arch base frame above that, and at the top (near the ceiling) a long shelf for transporting elongated objects. The space along the wall near the back doors had tracks with straps and clasps mounted for holding down cargo during transit.
  • Along the right-hand side wall, we mounted a racking unit with several shelves – some closed with door panels and others left open. And a hanging cable holder was fixed on  the wall in the open space toward the rear of the van.

Lots of accessories to keep cargo in place

Syncro System offers an extensive range of accessories to keep all shapes and sizes of cargo in place during transport on your Iveco Daily. In this upfit, we see two types: the track with straps and claps set and the hanging cable holder. Both help keep things in order and in place while you are on the road. No matter what you need to transport: bulky objects like canisters, crates, garden tools, or even jackhammers and machinery, or cables and pipes, Syncro has the solution.

01_Daily Iveco upfit with racking units on both sides02_Systems to tie down cargo with tracks and straps for the Daily Iveco.jpg03_Hanging cable holder for vans and racking component with shelves on the Iveco04_Iveco Daily with Syncro upfit – by Syncro System in New Zealand.jpg
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