Racking in a Crafter operated by a door and window business

New Zealand. Syncro’s installers see every customer request as a challenge! A challenge to satisfy each and every one of the requirements expressed, by combining articles from the vast Syncro catalogue in the most intelligent way to match the design of the vehicle. In this particular case the vehicle is a Volkswagen Crafter, a light commercial with a generous load compartment, used as daily transport by a door and window business. The Syncro team found a practical solution for every request this customer made, but the most significant feature of this particular fit-out are the vertical cargo bars arranged to protect bulky but fragile items like doors, windows and replacement panes of glass on the journey from the company’s base to the place of installation.

01_A Crafter for a door and window business fitted out by Syncro New Zealand i02_A Crafter fitted with vertical cargo bars by Syncro New Zealand03_A Crafter with racking for a door and window business

The right start to any custom racking system: interior linings for the van body

Constant and intensive use inevitably subjects commercial vehicles to wear, and rapid deterioration of the bodywork is perhaps one of the most common signs. Luckily, Syncro New Zealand has the solution to this problem: custom-made liners for the floor, walls, doors, windows and bulkhead. Cut-to-size liners in a choice of lightweight but resistant material are available to protect every surface of the load compartment against scratches, dents and perforation. As a result, the van remains in pristine condition, maintaining its re-sale value and eliminating the risk of costly body repairs or, worse still, early scrapping. For this Crafter, the customer chose a floor liner in non-slip, resinated plywood.

Racking for a door and window installer in a VW Crafter

It’s no exaggeration! Syncro van racking really is 100% modular. Each and every installation is individually designed and therefore different from all others, even in similar vans operated by customers in the same line of business.

In this particular case, the racking along the left side wall consists of two identical columns, both with a closed wheel arch cabinet at the bottom and four levels of shelving above. All the shelves are fitted with non-slip rubber mats and the space inside can be configured as needed using dividers. The shelving comes half way up this side of the van.

On the right side wall we can see full-height racking consisting of various horizontal and vertical sections. There is a set of simple shelves of various sizes, one of which is closed at the front, and a flat shelf complete with lashing straps for stowing bulky objects securely. A pull-out support with a vice is also clearly visible: a great aid for all those small jobs that have to be done on site.

Vertical cargo bars from Syncro New Zealand for 100% secure transport

Vertical cargo bars are a simple but incredibly effective way of carrying doors and windows, sheets of glass and other fragile items in the van. By holding cargo securely in place while the van is on the road, they avoid the risk of arriving at destination only to find damaged or broken materials. They also prevent dents in the van’s bodywork and racking caused by heavy items sliding around.

The system consists of specially milled vertical posts and rails. The rails are installed on the floor and roof of the van and allow the vertical cargo bars to be moved to exactly the right position to suit the quantity and size of the items to carry.

The narrow sides of the cargo bars are rubber coated to prevent scratching the delicate surfaces of the cargo. The exclusive design of Syncro New Zealand’s cargo bars is the result of the Syncro Group’s vast experience in producing and installing van racking, and is protected by a registered European patent.