Sprinter for the maintenance of medical electrical equipment

Syncro System's New Zealand center designed and installed an optimal upfit for an client who wished to convert his MercedesSprinter into a mobile workshop for construction and maintenance of electrical equipment. To carry out this upfit, Syncro technicians had to pay particular attention to the safety of the workers on board the vehicle, as well as the precise functionality of each racking component installed.

A tailor-made upfit for the Mercedes Sprinter

The racking units mounted on this Mercedes Sprinter take up about half the length of each side of the cargo space. The remaining space on the left-hand side, and that along the bulkhead was used to secure materials and equipment (see below). On the left-hand side the racking unit's asymmetrical design on the back is perfectly aligned with the front. It is composed of a wheel arch frame with a full-length front door panel, a pull-out tray for portable utility cases, a shelf, a second shelf that runs the length of the entire racking unit, a series of extractable/transportable plastic containers, and at the very top of the racking unit, a series of clear forward-tilting plastic drawers.The set up on the right-hand side is very similar with one of the key variations being the pull-out work top / vice mount, complete with steel vise.

The safe storage and blocking systems for materials, equipment and tools on board

Syncro System offers a complete range of systems for locking down any type of cargo you might need to transport. For this upfit, we mounted custom tracks to the bulkhead and open space on the left-hand side of the cargo area. The track provides solid anchor for the ratchet straps with a maximum resistance of 4,000 kg.

All purpose roof-top steel and aluminum utility racks

To make the best use of the roof space on your Sprinter, the technicians at Syncro mounted the Sprinter steel and aluminum roof rack. The cross bars are made of aluminum, with rubber stripping on top. Their exclusive Supersilent design makes them both aerodynamic and extremely silent. The side triangular load stops are also aluminum, while the rear roll bar is constructed in stainless steel allowing for the swift and easy loading and unloading of heavy bulky objects without any worry of damaging the van body.

01_Mercedes Sprinter upfit02_Sprinter Mercedes with shelf trays03_Van racking for Sprinter with drawer units and accessories for vans04_Strap and claps for vans
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