So many needs in only one van: racking for central heating and fire prevention technicians

Customer satisfaction is Syncro System’s main objective, and it can only be achieved if all work-related needs are satisfied first. Today we are presenting a van racking system designed and installed by a Syncro dealer in New Zealand for a small company that specialises in installing, servicing and repairing central heating and fire prevention systems in homes, shops and factories.

The customer’s basic requirements were:

  • plenty of open spaces and closed containers for carrying small to medium size tools and equipment;
  • storage for small items and spare parts in boxes that allow contents to be identified rapidly from the outside, and that can be removed easily for refilling;
  • facilities for washing hands and cleaning tools when working;
  • plenty of free space in the middle of the van floor, not only for moving around but for transporting large items of equipment too;
  • a way to secure large items so that they do not slide around when the van is on the road;
  • the ability to carry materials on the van roof too.

Syncro New Zealand’s technical staff were able to satisfy each and every one of these requirements – without forgetting the need to protect the van’s bodywork first.

01_A Ducato for central heating technicians by Syncro New Zealand02_A vice support and shelving in a van fitted out by Syncro New Zealand for a central heating and fire prevention company03_Transparent containers for vans04_Van shelving and case storage by Syncro New Zealand

Interior linings: bodywork protection, safety, functionality and hygiene!

Without proper protection, your van’s bodywork is inevitably going to get damaged. That is why, before installing storage units as such, Syncro's technicians always protect the interior of the van’s load compartment by fitting afloor covering and door and wall panels. Linings not only prevent damage but also serve as rigid supporting surfaces for storage units, give the load compartment a more professional appearance and make tidying up and cleaning so much easier.

In this particular case, the floor and bulkhead were lined with panels of non-slip resinated plywood while the customer chose to line the walls and doors with honeycomb plastic panels.

Non-slip surfaces are particularly important in vans whose users – a central heating service company in this case –have to carry tools and components that come into frequent contact with water. Loading and unloading can become potentially hazardous under such circumstances, as operators can slip or trip on a damp or wet floor. Luckily, this risk is eliminated by the resin surface of the Syncro floor, which is specially designed to provide maximum grip for footwear.

Racking for central heating technicians in a Fiat Ducato: a closer look at the units installed by Syncro New Zealand

Left side. The entire side wall is occupied by storage modules. Two wheel arch units serve as the base for two columns of open shelves, metal drawers and two case trays for Syncro’s metal component cases.

The top level on this side is occupied by a full length tray for long items like pipes and cable channels. The rear side of the cabinets is fitted with a series of accessories that are essential for technicians who install and service central heating systems on a daily basis. These include a silicone tube holder at the top, a paper roll holder, an aerosol holder and an item that transforms the van into a mobile workshop: a fold-away vice support complete with a robust metal vice.

Right side. For the right side of the van, Syncro’s installers and the customer agreed on a cabinet containing different sizes of transparent plastic container, limited in depth but with an impressive capacity for holding spare parts, fittings, nuts and bolts of all kinds.

Bulkhead. The bulkhead between the load compartment and the cab is fitted with a simple but effective system for securing bulky cargo. The cargo lashing system consists of metal bars, hooks, lashing straps and adjustable buckles.

01_Roof transport systems for the Ducato, by Syncro New Zealand05_A roof rack on a van used by central heating technicians

When there’s not enough space inside: Syncro roof transport systems for the Ducato

The roof of this van for central heating and fire prevention technicians has been fitted with Syncro’s own roof transport system featuring Syncro’s patented Supersilent bars, shaped and made to minimise noise and air resistance on the road.

Thanks to this simple but practical accessory, this van can carry large items of cargo on the roof while complying with the law and all relevant safety standards – and saving on fuel too.

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