Top quality materials, clean functional lines, experience and professionalism.  Syncro System, specialists in van racking and mobile workshops, guarantees maximum quality and professionalism in all van and commercial vehicle transformations. If you use a van or commercial for your work, ask Syncro System to install specially made racking and accessories to exploit all available space and carry your tools and cargo efficiently and in complete safety.

Syncro Ultra installs tailor-made racking in large and small commercial vehicles

01_A Talento with Syncro Ultra racking02_The left side wall of a Fiat Talento, with shelving and accessories03_Racking and interior liners in a Fiat van

The Syncro System Group produces and installs van racking in all configurations and sizes. Syncro’s modular design system allows racking solutions to be assembled from any combination of products in the catalogue. In fact, with the revolutionary new Syncro Ultra  system, you have virtually total freedom to combine racking elements in whatever way you choose! 

Expert personnel + tough, durable materials = Syncro

10_A Fiorino with Syncro Ultra racking11_A pull-out vice bench in a van’s left side racking12_Multibox containers in a Fiat Fiorino

If you are planning to transform your van into a workshop on wheels, you can count on the long experience of Syncro’s van racking specialists. Our team has all the skills needed to come up with the best possible solution for your vehicle. At Syncro System’s van racking centre in Auckland, New Zealand, tradesmen, system engineers, electricians, plumbers, painters, decorators and heating engineers can all find exactly the right containers, shelvesdrawers and hooks for securing materials and equipment and for carrying tools in complete safety, so that nothing accidentally falls and damages the bodywork. Strength and low weight are the key features of all Syncro racking, which is made only from top quality materials such as high-strength steel and PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate).

Custom racking for any need

20_Interior liners in a Ducato21_A Ducato with a marble-look plywood floor liner 22_Interior liners in a Ducato

The Syncro System Group has specialised in van racking for over twenty years, so you can be sure that a Syncro racking system is a safe and advantageous investment. Well-organised storage eliminates the time wasted searching for materials and tools in untidy heaps on the floor and gives your van – and you yourself – a far more professional image. A well-equipped van is a highly effective business card for all professionals who work on the move.

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