Are you tired of finding your tools, equipment and materials in a messy tangle when you get to your client? Are you worrying while you are driving because you never know what will awaits you when you open your van cargo doors? The truth is, that there are lots of solutions to organize and securely transport all your materials and equipment. You can get a good idea about what will work for your van from Syncro System's vast line of accessories.

Versatile straps for vans

The Syncro System experts can tell you about straps, with special installation kits that can be easily and quickly mounted to the walls of your van with durable aluminum tracks or bars. The straps are perfect for securing cylinders as well as large or bulky equipment and material. They are also very versatile; you can mount them to the van floor, to the racking components or directly to the body of the vehicle.

01_rail for lashing straps, accessories for vans02_heavy duty lashing straps for vans from Van Extras03_lashing straps with rail to block cargo in vans

For electricians, plumbers, installers and other tradesmen, there is another factor that plays a fundamental role: ORDER. Thanks to the various types of hooks and holders in the Syncro catalog, you can really have everything at your fingertips - securely and conveniently in perfect order! Just ask the professionals at your local Syncro System center what the best options are for your van.

01_blocking cargo system with bars and straps for vans  02_adjustable iron hook for vans 03_examples of hooks for vans

Other accessories...

On discussing safety, we can't forget essential elements such as fire extinguishers, for which there is the specially designed and easily mountable bracket. Another important element is the spare tire which (for vehicles that do not have external tire carriers) can be simply secured inside the van using the spare tire bracket.

01_tool panel for vans in NZ02_tool bar for vans in New Zealand03_cable hanger for vans in New Zealand04_canister and canister holder

Syncro System is continually expanding and adapting its product line to meet its customers growing needs. In our vast assortment of van accessories, we offer some very specific products such as the silicone tube holder which can hold up to 9 cartridges with attached nozzles, all in an inclined position for easier insertion and extraction. Another incredibly handy accessory is the storage net – an easy-to-reach place to quickly put small objects like tools, brochures and notepads. We also have special steel and rubber hooks which are great for securing a variety of small objects.

rubber hooksSilicone-tube-holderStorage-net-for-vans

Milled rail cargo retaining systems 

01_A milled rail with an anchor ring02_Straps with tensioners for milled rails 03_Straps with end hooks

To divide up space inside your mobile workshop, to hang loads from your van’s roof or to anchor cargo to your van’s side walls or floor, Syncro New Zealand offers three different types of milled aluminium rail for use with anchor rings, straps and buckles or straps and tensioners.

Straps with tensioner reels, for floor or wall use 

A new product is being added to Syncro System’s already impressive range of cargo retaining systems. The combined strap and tensioner applies vehicle seat-belt technology to the world of cargo security.

01_Syncro System’s strap with built-in tensioner reel03_Cargo secured by Syncro’s strap and tensioner attached to a metal rail 04_The Syncro strap and tensioner anchored to the van’s floor

Syncro’s strap and tensioner can secure cargo to the floor using one of the original anchor rings or to the walls or racking. Fixed anchor points are ideal if you are always going to load cargo in the same position, but Syncro’s milled metal rails provide far greater flexibility without taking up precious space. Floor and wall applications require different equipment. The tensioner reel incorporates its own hook for use with floor anchor rings and the other end of the strap can be attached to another of the original floor anchor points. For use on the van’s walls, however, the tensioner needs to be attached to a metal cargo rail by means of a special adapter, with a second adapter used to attach the other end of the strap.

Certified straps

certified strap

All Syncro System cargo retaining straps are certified to DIN EN 12 195-2. Each strap is fitted with a label bearing all the specifications required by the standard, such as load capacity, maximum elongation and the material from which it is made.

For the cab

01_Elastic net 02_Laptop support

The laptop support. A simple but ingenious idea. This telescopic stand and small table forms the perfect support for your laptop. The aluminium stand is anchored to the passenger seat mounting while your computer is held safely in place on the table by two strips of Velcro. The perfect way to keep your laptop safe but ready for use.

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