Other accessories for vans

Security accessories

At Syncro System, you will also find accessories designed to protect your tools and equipment. For example, tinted window films (semi transparent from the inside), the special UFO locks (Ufo Classic, Ufo 3 Smart Duo, Ufo 3 Comfort)   and the Saturn Evo.

01_See-No-See Film for Vans02_In New Zealand, Security Locks for Vans03_Ufo 3 Half-Spherical Lock for Vans


A special cargo slide can be installed providing easy access to the racking components and accessories in your pick up, while the sliding casket deck has been designed exclusively for the functional and safe transport of funeral caskets.

Slide-Out Base for VansSlide-Out Base for Pick-Up, from Van ExtrasSliding Deck for Vans

Work table with folding legs

Below is Syncro’s practical work table with folding legs: tough, stable and quick to open and close. It boasts a handle for easy transport, weighs just 10 kg and takes up very little space once folded up.

01_work table with folding legs02_Open work table with folding legs3_Work table with handle

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