Lighting fixtures and accessories

If you use your van as a mobile workshop, adequate cargo area lighting is a must in order to carry out work just as if you were inside a real workshop. And you'll need light not only when there's plenty of daylight outside, but also in the evening, at night, and when it is rainy and grey.

That is why, at the Syncro System's New Zealand branch, you can ask for the installation of our energy-saving LED lights.

02_LED Lamps on Van03_Red Warning Light for Vans by Syncro System from Van Extras04_Floodlight for Vans from Van Extrasled light for vans

You might also need to signal the presence of your commercial vehicle when working along the roadside or on a construction site. In that case the Syncro System technicians will show you the rotating beacon light, equipped with spiral cable which connects to the cigarette lighter socket. Another possibility in terms of van lighting is the floodlight. This halogen lamp sheds powerful light just where you need it.

Ask us at Auto Transform to help you find the very best lighting solution for you!

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