Adequate ventilation is essential for many van mobile workshops, especially for those transporting potentially flammable or explosive substances. Syncro System offers its customers a choice of systems including the floor box ventilation ducts inserted directly into the floor panel and grill ducts mounted in the rear doors.

Floor air vent for vans in New ZealandGrille vent for vans in New ZealandRoof Vent for Vans in New Zealand

For those who need a more intensive ventilation system with both intake and exhaust functions, the floor ducts and door grills can be used in combination with the efficient roof vent with motorized fan. The fan motor is connected to the van's battery, and two switches mounted in the cab, turn the fan on and off, regulate blade rotation speed, and change direction of air flow.

Wind-driven extractors

00_Wind-driven extractor04_Ventrot 11_VentrotG 12_Ventrot G Wind-driven extractors

You can choose from three different models of wind-driven extractors, including a low-profile version for use under roof bars or roof racks.

The technicians of Auto Transform are always available to assess your van's ventilation requirements and help you decide which system is the best choice to ensure maximum safety for you and your mobile workshop.

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