If you use your van as a mobile workshop, you know that means getting your hands dirty and not having access to a bathroom with sink, soap and running water. Your local Syncro System's center has just the right accessories to upfit your van making working and cleaning up no trouble at all. 

Hand cleansing with water: sink and handwash kit

01_Canister with Tap for Vans02_Paper Roll and Holder for Vans in New Zealand02_Rain cover for paper roll holders03_Scrubs Waterless Hand Clean Towels04_Sink Unit with Canister, tap and sink for Vans

For reduced spaces, we recommend the Syncro handwashing kit which includes a plastic 10-litre water jug with spout, iron mounting bracket, and liquid soap dispenser. 

If the van cargo is spacious enough, it is possible to install the van sink kit with water pump, faucet, two 40 litre water tanks, and stainless steel sink basin. 

New cleaning products: alcohol-based disinfectant gel, and concentrated hand sanitiser

Alcohol-based disinfectant gel for handsHolder for Syncro hand sanitising productsNew super-concentrated hand sanitiser with quaternary ammonium salts

In response to rapidly rising demand for cleaning and sanitising, Syncro System has added two new products to its range: a disinfectant gel containing over 60% alcohol  and a hand sanitiser based on quaternary ammonium salts. Both these products can be poured into bottles and carried in special holders fixed to your van’s racking or bodywork. 

Hand cleansing without water: Scrubs hand wipes and a paper roll holder

To dry or clean up grease on surfaces, there is the paper towel roll holder that comes in two sizes.  If you have a paper roll holder attached to one of your van’s doors, now you can add a cover to keep the paper dry when it rains.  For really resistant dirt and grease, your best bet is to arm yourself with Syncro “scrubs”, no-water cleaning wipes that are super tough on dirt, slightly abrasive and ideal for cleaning up oil, tar, bitumen and ink.

Carrying liquids in your van

If you need to transport liquids, and we're not just talking about just distilled water but also fuels or lubricants, we at Syncro System recommend upfitting your van with the aluminum holder for jugs and gas cans, tailor-made for high-density plastic or metal cans (10 to 20 liters), that can accommodate spouts or spigots.

Canister Holder for VansCanister with Holder for VansSteel Canister for Transporting Liquids in Vans

If you need to transport grater volumes of liquid, you can choose stainless steel liquid containers that can hold up to 70 liters: divided into two groups (30 and 40 liters), complete with spigots and gauges for reading liquid levels.

A compact and efficient bin for your van

Your van might be perfectly tidy and clean when you set off in the morning, but after a few hours’ work it inevitably becomes littered with pieces of paper, plastic packaging and waste from small jobs that you don’t know what to do with. Don’t worry! Syncro’s new bin provides a simple, elegant and effective solution.

Bin for vansEmptying the binTilting bin for vans

Syncro’s new van bin was designed at the group’s headquarters in Italy but is now available from Syncro installers all over New Zealand. The bin consists of two parts: a metal frame that is fully compatible with all the other units in the Syncro van racking range, and a waste container that fits neatly inside, tilts open and is easy to remove for emptying.

The compact bin can be installed in your van as a single unit or in multiple units for recycling different kinds of waste!

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