Designing and fitting van racking systems requires experience and skill. The aim, after all is to adapt the space inside (and on top of) your vehicle to transport all the materials you need and to transform your van into an efficient mobile workshop. Before you decide on your ideal racking configuration with Syncro System’s experts, you first need to consider your van’s key characteristics.

Choosing a van to suit your needs

00_A van with Syncro racking01_A pull-out vice bench03_Pull-out transparent containers04_A new Ultra van locker

The size of the cargo compartment is of fundamental importance. Its height, width and length determine how racking can be arranged and how you can use the van in future. Another important factor is your van’s load capacity. Even though the racking supplied by Syncro System is made from tough, lightweight materials, all the tools and equipment stored inside can easily exceed 1000 kg in weight.  

Protecting your van is the first step

10_Interior liners for vans11_Interior liners from Syncro New Zealand12_A protective grille for van windows

Let’s consider the example of a racking system for a small van. This could easily include three drawers located under a robust raised floor in aluminium tread plate  (or marine grade plywood). In this type of system, the raised floor serves a dual purpose: it conceals the drawers underneath and it provides a robust supporting surface for whatever racking configuration suits your requirements. If you need to carry around lots of small parts and tools in your trade or profession, the Syncro team will probably propose a racking solution based on shelves and metal drawers or transparent containers. 

A complete racking system for your van

20_Hanging garment bars in a van21_A ladder rack on a Vivaro

If we are dealing with a large, high-roof van, it’s important for the user to be able to move around easily and stand upright to carry out minor adjustments and repairs “on the spot”. In such cases, the solution could well include one or more work benches, installed over lockers or shelves, and perhaps accessories like a vice bench, handwash kit, and a stand or desk for a computer and printer. Thanks to the Syncro Ultra system, all configurations are possible... just ask the experts at Syncro System New Zealand!   

Our vast experience in the van racking sector allows us to optimise every aspect of your van, including interior lighting,cargo security and easy loading.

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