A van transformed into a mobile workshop, from Syncro Auckland

In your trade or profession, if you regularly move from one place of work to another, often travelling miles from your home base, you need more than an empty van. What you really need is a mobile workshop, a vehicle properly equipped for the safe transport of tools and materials and kitted out to allow all kinds of small job to done inside. The Syncro System Group of companies has over twenty years of experience in converting vans into workshops on wheels. Our installation centre in Auckland, New Zealand can transform all makes and models of van, professionally and effectively.

01_A large van fitted out as a mobile workshop03_Interior liners for the Trafic/Vivaro/Talento04_Side view of a Vito with milled cargo bars

Protection first and foremost

Mobile workshops from Syncro System Auckland are practical and safe work spaces with robust but lightweight racking systems configured to make the most of every square inch of space. And that’s not all: the racking installed in Syncro mobile workshops is made from top quality, certified materials and comes complete with interior lining. Your van’s interior bodywork is therefore fully protected. Floor liners in marine-grade plywood or aluminium tread plate prevent damage to the original floor while pre-shaped panels cover the side walls, doors, wheel arches and bulkhead. Only when your van is properly protected is the racking itself installed.

Van workshops: all you need to work on the move! 

Depending on the shape and size of your van and your professional requirements, a custom racking solution can be installed using modular (and therefore easily adaptable) components like shelves and drawers along with component cases and removable plastic containers if you need to carry lots of tools and materials from your van to your place of work. Special extendable trays are also available for carrying long items under the roof. Syncro’s stylish racking solutions give your van an orderly, professional look and save you endless time searching for tools and materials in untidy heaps on the floor. Thanks to the new Syncro Ultra system, our Auckland workshop can install the perfect racking solution for your needs! 

Equipment and accessories for full autonomy and 100% functionality

A mobile or van workshop is the ideal solution for working away from your base. Let the Syncro Group fit your van with essential items like a vice bench,work bench, computer stand, compressor, cable holders, cans, a handwash kit, cargo retaining accessories and interior lighting. We’ve even got a wide range of loading ramps to choose from. 

Van transformation at Syncro System Auckland never take more than one day. And you can rely on all-round technical assistance after you drive away.

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