The Syncro System Group specialises in converting small, medium and large vans into fully equipped mobile workshops. Syncro New Zealand’s centre in Auckland can fit your van with Syncro interior liners, racking and equipment along with whatever special accessories you need for your daily work.

Liners, racking and accessories for a complete van workshop

10_A marble-look plywood floor liner11_Syncro van liners

Interior liners extend the life your van’s bodywork by protecting it against dents and scratches while the racking does its own job of holding tools and materials of all types and sizes. Small items can be stored safely in cases or transparent containers fitted if necessary with non-slip mats and internal space dividers. Larger tools can either be placed in dedicated tool racks or stored in suitably sized metal drawers or shelves. Everything needs to have an easily visible and instantly accessible place of its own in the perfect van workshop.

Save time and money with a van workshop

Chaos vs order

One of Syncro System’s key objectives is to save you time and money. We have calculated that, by transforming a van into an efficient mobile workshop, we can save a typical tradesman around 30 minutes a day. In financial terms, this converts to a saving of around 14,000 euros (26,000 NZD) over 5 years. This impressive saving easily pays back the small initial investment needed to transform your van into a mobile workshop.

01_A Transporter with Syncro Ultra van racking02_Enclosed compartments in a van racking system03_ Ultra metal drawers, plastic containers and accessories in a Transporter04_A Transporter with racking and cargo retaining systems

Inside, in addition to the usual items like drawers, shelves and vice benches, you can also install special equipment like bike racks, ladder racks  (under-roof or on-roof versions, fitted alone or in conjunction with a roof rack) and slides for heavy items like compressors or generators. For any other requirement, we have a whole catalogue of mobile workshop accessories, ranging from cans to interior lighting. For your van’s security, Syncro has developed a range of door locks and other items like window film that lets you see out but not in, window security grilles and first aid kits in cases mounted on custom-made racks. We’ve even got horizontal bars to let you transport hanging garments and press-fit vertical cargo bars to prevent damage to delicate or fragile items.

20_A lashing strap with tensioner reel21_Cargo retaining straps on a Ducato’s right side wall22_A multi-purpose metal rack

The items listed above are available from our Auckland centre, where you can find all the products in the new Syncro Ultra range.

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