The Toyota HiAce is a motor vehicle produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. First launched in 1967, the ‘Hi’ represented high performance, while ‘ace’ signified a hard worker. Since than the HiAce has been available in a wide range of configurations, the current Hiace is the fifth-generation and appeared in 2005 as a wide long-wheelbase van.

The standard long wheelbase (LWB) van has six cubic metres of cargo space with a floor length of 2930mm, while the SLWB has 9.8 cubic metres and floor length of 3470mm. Cargo heights and widths are 1335/1635mm and 1545/1730mm respectively.

00_hiace with Syncro van racking.JPG02_transparent plastic bins on Toyota HiAces equipped by Syncro New Zealand.jpg03_Van racking for Toyota HiAce04_Toyota HiAce with van racking by Syncro System.jpg

The conversion on board the Toyota HiAce, like all other commercial vehicles, requires interior protection panels. They provide complete protection of original van surfaces against scratching, denting, and general wear and tear that working vans encounter every day. They also provide a solid base for racking components. With Syncro System interior paneling, you can work worry free.

In the example above, we mounted a resin-coated, non-slip plywood floor panel with a steel border along the edge at the back doors. For complete protection, for this conversion we also mounted paneling to the side walls, doors, bulkhead, roof, and wheel arches.

The racking solution on this HiAce has been installed along three walls. The two side walls have similar units: a wheel arch base frame with door panel, and a four-shelf shelving component, housing different sized removable plastic storage bins. On the left-hand side, there are three rows of 31 cm bins, while on the right-hand side, there are six larger, double-handled 35 cm bins. On the end panel of the right-hand side racking unit, we added a pull-out worktop/vise mount complete with metal vise. Along the bulkhead, we installed a shelving unit with five shelves, each complete with rubber mat and four metal dividers. Thanks to this simple accessory, each shelf can be divided into five distinct storage compartments to hold a multitude of spare parts, tools and fittings.

07_Hiace with drawer units by Syncro New Zealand08_Shelving Units for HiAce equipped by Syncro New Zealand

In this third example, we see the HiAce transformed into a fully functional mobile workshop. In addition to the shelving units with ample storage space, we mounted a long wooden worktop along the bulkhead, with a large-capacity drawer installed underneath it to maximize space.

To enhance the HiAce mobile workshop conversion, we added some valuable accessories - hanging cable holders, lighting, cleaning and tying down accessories.

If the client often needs to load large heavy cargo, Syncro New Zealand also offers a range of HiAce roof-top racking solutions, including utility racks, cross bars, ladder racks and tube carries – all with the patented Supersilent design.

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