The Volkswagen Caddy is a light commercial vehicle produced by the Volkswagen Group since 1980. The third generation of Volkswagen Caddy debuted in late 2003 at the RAI Commercial Vehicle Show in Amsterdam. In late 2010 the caddy underwent a face lifted to match the new design language of Volkswagen vehicles, the changes included a more aggressive front with new headlights and grill similar to the Volkswagen Golf Mk6.

The new model Caddy has a more aerodynamic design, the angle of the windscreen and A-pillar is more horizontal, this makes the dashboard big and the bonnet (hood) small. The full Caddy line-up varies from a Panel Van, Window Panel Van, Kombi (spartan seven-seat version), Caddy Life (7-seat family version), and a Camping version called the Caddy Tramper or Caddy Life Camper.

The Caddy Panel grew in size over the Caddy Typ 9K, it measures in length 4405 mm, width 1802 mm, height 1833 mm, wheelbase 2682 mm, has a 750 kg payload, and a loading volume of 3.2 m3.

Van protections for Caddy

Caddy VW in New Zealand with Interior ProtectionSide Lining for Caddy Volkswagen in New Zealand3_Marble-look floor liners for Caddy Vw

In the photo above, a conversion on a Volkswagen Caddy done by Syncro System New Zealand expert technicians. The resin-coated marine plywood floor panel  is perfect for repelling water and liquids, built for bearing heavy loads and standing up to daily wear and tear. Steel sheet paneling for the walls and doors - all precision pre-cut to exactly fit the Caddy. All paneling is also pre-drilled, making installations carried out by the experienced Syncro teams fast and secure. Don’t worry about down time in the shop - Syncro technicians are dedicated to getting vans in and right back out on the road.

Syncro Ultra racking for the Caddy 

01_A Caddy with Syncro Ultra racking02_The Caddy’s right side wall with Syncro Ultra drawers and shelves03_Syncro Ultra drawers can open whichever way you want

Syncro System racking from Syncro New Zealand lets you optimise the space in your Volkswagen Caddy. The above photos show a simple and compact racking system in a Caddy. The van’s interior is protected by an aluminium tread plate floor liner and bulkhead liner. Racking is installed only on the right side wall and includes a number of metal drawers that open into the centre of the van. Another drawer and two case trays are fitted "backwards" so that open outwards at the van’s side door. This is just one of an infinite range of "creative" solutions made possible by Syncro’s new Ultra system! 

A great solution for small vans: under-floor drawers

Syncro New Zealand also supplies under-floor drawer units for Volkswagen’s versatile Caddy, to let you carry all the tools and materials you need and keep the entire floor area free for cargo.

Roof racks for Caddy

Ladder Holder for VW CaddyRoof Bars for Caddy VW

Are you looking for a way to take advantage of the roof-top space on your Volkswagen Caddy? Syncro New Zealand has the answer - cross bars patented with the aerodynamic Ultrasilent design that cuts down on drag (therefore gas consumption), as well as noise and vibration during transit. The bars can be combined with sides rails and/or a rolling loading bar (creating a multi-purpose utility rack), with a slide-out (single or double) for transporting ladders, or the tube carrier – ideal for safely transporting elongated material like pipes, tubes and rods.

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