The Ford Transit is a range of panel vans, minibuses, and pickup trucks, produced by the Ford Motor Company in Europe. The Transit has been the best-selling light commercial vehicle in Europe for 40 years, and in some countries the term "Transit" has passed into common usage as a generic term applying to any light commercial van in the Transit's size bracket. Six million Transits have been produced since 1953 across three basic platforms, with several "facelift" versions of each. The six millionth van was built in March 2010. The current Transit, introduced in July 2000, was the third all-new design, and borrowed styling cues from Ford's "New Edge". the main innovation is that it is available in either front or rear-wheel drive. The rear-wheel drive Transit models use the 2.4-litre diesels and the 2.3 petrol unit. Front-driven variants, meanwhile, are powered by the 2.0-litre diesel engines.

The most popular remains the 2.0-litre TDCi and 2.0-litre diesel as an affordable option. A simple, versatile load box and chassis structure and customers who need the extra capacity and flexibility of a lower load floor can choose the front-wheel drive version. There are three wheelbases and four load lengths, ranging from 2.58 to more than 4 meters. 5-tonne GVM category. There are also two sizes of side-door, both designed to provide easy access for pallets and offer the best solution for individual needs. If you want to accommodate the biggest load possible there is the Transit Jumbo with its 14.3 cubic meter load volume.

Side and Floor Protection for Ford Transit in New ZealandVan Extras installs Interior Protection for Transit Ford in New ZealandTransit with Interior Protection in New Zealand

Auto Transform offers a wide range of Transit van protections (for  SWB/ MWB/ LWB/ Extra LWB/ Custom versions): flooring panels and side lining made of light but strong materials, all come pre-cut and shaped for an easy and quick installation.

The key factor is to start off on the right foot … adequately protecting the interior cargo surfaces guarantees the long life of your vehicle and lets you use your van daily without worrying about ruining the original van paneling. This can happen in no time with daily loading and unloading of equipment and materials, or by minor accidents like water, oil or solvents spilled on the floor.

In the photo above, we see an example of a converted Ford Transit with a resin-coated plywood floor panel. The special marine plywood floor board is characterized by its durable internal structure, that allows for the natural flexibility of wood while preventing sagging. The phenolic glues create a solid barrier against moisture, and the resin coating makes it extremely slip resistant. The interior walls and doors are protected with aluminum paneling. The wheel arch covers are made of galvanized steel sheets (top) and the same resin-coated plywood as the floor panel (sides).

In New Zealand, Van Extras equips Ford Transit with Syncro Storage SystemsShelving Units and Cargo Blocking System for Ford Transit in New ZealandFord Transit transformed into Mobile Workshop by Van Extras

Syncro System New Zealand offers an extensive range of effective conversion options to transform your Ford Transit into the perfect mobile workshop: complete conversions with shelving and drawer units, lockers, accessories, and containers of all sizes. Simpler conversions consisting of basic racking units can be installed along just one of the walls, leaving the rest of the cargo space free to create an on-board work area, or for storing and transporting large or bulky equipment and goods.

In the example above, the Transit has been racked out on the left-hand side with a large spacious shelving unit with six shelves (two by two). The two bottom components covering the wheel arch include one closed with a front door panel and the other equipped with the Syncro safe case storage system. At the very top, we mounted our extra-long storage shelf. The right-hand side racking unit is more detailed. At the base, we see a wheel arch frame with front door panel, drawers, trays for storing services cases, shelves, and at the top, a series of removable plastic bins. To complete the conversion, we added a pull-out vise base including steel vice and the Syncro track and clasp system along the bulkhead.

Transit Ford with Syncro System Van Storage Solutions in New ZealandFord Transit with Plastic ContainersAccessories for Vans in Ford TransitShelving Unit by Syncro System, available in New Zealand from Van Extras

If your Transit is the high roof model, you have more upward space available for the racking components. In these photos, we can see the left-hand side conversion of the Transit. Covering the wheel arch is the wheel arch base frame. Above that is a series of open shelves, suitable for housing the removable plastic bins. There are also two metal drawer units complete with pull-out vise base / worktop.

Tradesmen and women who use their vans everyday need conversions that work as hard as they do. One of the solutions that many of our clients opt for is to equip one of the cargo sides (the right side in this case) with the versatile reduced-width drawer unit with clear plastic drawers. Not only does it take up very little space, the contents of the clear drawers can be seen at a glance. This saves you both space and time.

In New Zealand, Roof Racks for Transit FordSingle Slide-Out Ladder Holder for Ford Transit

There are lots of great choices to make roof-top loading easier. They are all part of the patented Supersilent Syncro System design - from simple cross bars to utility racks with side rails and stainless steel rear rolling bars for fast loading and unloading, to more complicated options like the ladder rack with slide-out and carriers for safely transporting elongated objects like tubes and pipes.

We also offer a wide range of ramps for loading and unloading in the cargoarea, even for very heavy equipment and materials. The Syncro loading ramps are lightweight, space-efficient, and easy and fast to position in place. Whatever your loading needs are, we will help you find the right Syncro solution for you and your van. Ask our expert Syncro New Zealand technicians for an appointment for a free consultation and find out the best conversion solution for you.

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