The Ducato Fiat is a large van produced by Fiat in Italy and Brazil, and under license in Elabuga (Russia) by Russian automobile company Sollers JSC (formerly Severstal Auto). Since 1981, more than 2 million Fiat Ducato vehicles have been produced. We are now at the third generation Ducato, launched in late 2006 and available in many variants both for people and goods transport. There are three wheelbases, four overall lengths, three roof heights and seven different interior volume options available. The interior loading length was extended by 710mm to a maximum of 4,100mm and the width between the wheel arches is now 1.422mm, which Fiat claims is the markets best. The load bay has been designed to maximize the useful space available: uniform shape and a distance between wheel arches up to 1,422 mm. Where some panel vans noticeably taper off growing narrower towards the roofline, the space in the Ducato is very square, allowing the full load volume to be better utilized also thanks to Syncro System van racking. By mixing and matching the various body options, Ducato operators can achieve load volumes ranging from 8 to 17 m3 and maximum payloads from 1,115 to 1,850 kg. Power comes from one of three engines, all sophisticated Multijet common-rail diesels: there is a 100bhp 2.2-litre, a 120bhp 2.3-litre and a 157bhp 3.0-litre that generate 250, 320 and 400Nm maximum torque outputs respectively.

Van lining for Ducato Fiat

Vans are not provided usually with internal protection so the risk of damage to bodywork due to goods transport is quite high. Syncro System New Zealand offers a comprehensive range of van lining and internal protection, including side metal lining, rear door covering, wheel arch and bulkhead covers for Ducato.

Side Lining for Ducato Fiat in New ZealandSide Cladding for Van inside Ducato Fiat equipped by Van ExtrasLaminated Marine Plywood Floor Panel inside the Ducato Fiat

For the Fiat Ducato, as for all light commercial vehicles, installing interior linings is highly advised.

There are two main reasons:

1. To protect the cargo walls and floor of the Ducato cargo from denting, warping and dampness.

2. To provide a solid base for loading, unloading, tying down cargo and mounting racking units.

In the example seen in the photos above, we installed the Syncro resin-coated, non-slip marble-look plywood floor panel. Galvanized steel paneling was used to protect the walls and doors. Syncro System New Zealand allows the client to choose the materials and finishing that best suit his or her needs. For the Ducato, it is also possible to choose the chequered-plate aluminum floor panel, or wall paneling in aluminum or alveolar plastic. Also available are protective linings for the ceiling and wheel arch covers. All floor panels come with anti-slip steel borders, and for even further protection, rear bumper covers in steel or chequered-plate aluminum can be installed.

Custom racking from Syncro New Zealand for the best-selling Fiat Ducato

01_A Ducato with Syncro Ultra racking and accessories02_A compressor-generator combo in a van with Syncro Ultra racking03_A Ducato with a fold-away vice bench and a marble-look plywood worktop 04_The van’s compressor-generator combo seen from the right side door05_The Syncro Ultra racking, seen from the left side door

Syncro System’s Auckland branch is hard to beat! Our Auckland team has been designing, assembling and installing racking systems and equipment and accessories for vans for decades, saving van users valuable time and money.

Syncro System can equip the inside and outside of any van sold in Italy and Europe. At the moment the Fiat Ducato is the best-selling model. Last year Fiat announced the sale of its four millionth Ducato – a new record.

Accessories of all kinds for the Fiat Ducato

01_A Ducato with Syncro Ultra racking02_Syncro Ultra drawers, shelves and accessories in the Ducato 03_Plastic containers in the Ducato 04_A side view of the Syncro Ultra racking in the Ducato05_A rail and strap cargo lashing system in the Ducato

The van racking accessories available from Syncro New Zealand can solve all the problems you are likely to come across in your daily work. And the Syncro Group is continuously designing and introducing new products to meet the needs of van users everywhere. These are some of the most popular accessories with Ducato owners:

  • handwash kit, consisting of a plastic water can with tap, a mounting frame and a liquid soap dispenser
  • cable holders, fire extinguisher brackets and metal racks, just some of the many cargo retaining accessories available from Syncro
  • lights for workbenches and van interiors
  • vices and vice benches for creating practical and safe work areas inside your van

Loading ramps, roof racks and accessories for Ducato 

In New Zealand from Van Extras, Ladder Holders and Tube Carrier for Ducato FiatRoof Bars by Syncro System for Ducato Fiat

The roof of the Fiat Ducato is particularly adapted to transporting cargo, given its size and flat, square, surface. With the range of options offered by Syncro System New Zealand, it is possible to design and mount roof-top equipment that fits the working needs of each individual client. In the conversion on the left, the Syncro technicians installed a ladder rack with slide-out, and tube carrier. In the example to the right, we see a utility rack with side bars and front rolling bar for facilitating the front loading of cargo. If needed, Syncro NZ can also mount loading ramps for easy loading of heavy/bulky equipment and goods in the cargo space. To truly customize every rack out, keep in mind the extensive range of Syncro accessories for lighting, cleaning, ventilating, securing, trying down, and storing. We do it all!

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