The Mercedes Sprinter – the versatile van from the German automotive manufacturer, first made its appearance on the market in 1995. Since then, it has undergone two restylings. The first (in 2006), also included structural changes, the second (in 2014) considerably changed the Sprinter’s look. Today it comes in three engine types: a diesel 4-cylinder engine with power 70, 95 and 120 kW; a V6 CDI diesel with 140 kW; and natural gas in the two-wheel drive versions, monovalent or bivalent petrol/natural gas.

It comes in a large variety of different sizes: from the short wheel base to extra long, there are four possibilities in length, which you can combine with three different heights (standard, high, super high roof). The maximum capacity reaches 17 cubic meters, with a payload of 2710 kg. The Sprinter is an ideal van to create your own mobile workshop, with ample space for working and moving around easily in the cargo area. A fully organized mobile workshop, it is tidy and functional, thanks to a conversion designed and installed by experienced Syncro New Zealand technicians, who have been installing Sprinter van conversions for the past twenty years.

Considering the daily usage of commercial vans – loading and unloading heavy and/or bulky cargo, accidental spills and dropped tools and materials, it is not hard to imagine the damage that can occur to the Sprinter’s original metal floor, wall, doors and ceiling. Interior paneling for the Sprinter, available from the Syncro’s New Zealand centers, protects your Sprinter from the daily wear and tear that comes with the territory: dents, scratches and warping that can create serious problems over time, even holes in the van body.

Side Lining and Floor Cover for Mercedes SprinterFloor Cover for Sprinter MercedesIn New Zealand, Wheelhouse Cover for Mercedes SprinterCover for the Bulkhead on Mercedes Sprinter

In the photo above, we see an example of a Mercedes Sprinter with aluminum panels mounted on the cargo walls and doors. The wheel arches covers are made of galvanized steel and chequered-plate aluminum. The same material was chosen for the bulkhead. The floor paneling is the resin-coated, anti-slip plywood, which is extremely water-proof and moisture resistant.

Mercedes Sprinter with Syncro System Van RackingPlastic Container and Drawers for Sprinter MercedesSee-Through Drawers for Sprinter Mercedes

In these photos, we see one of the possible conversion solutions on a Sprinter for a mobile lab. Starting at the bottom, along the bulkhead, we mounted the Syncro track and strap storage and transport system – perfect for securing a large variety of objects, including canisters and cylinders. Along the left-hand side, we installed a racking unit consisting of two wheel arch frame bases - one with front door panel and the other left open to house the safe case storage system. Above that, in the center, we see drawer and shelving units, open or equipped with polypropylene bins. At the very top is our extra-long storage shelf, with raised sides and opening flap on the end. The right-hand side consists of a wheel arch base frame (with door panel), and a drawer unit with many forward-tilting, clear plastic drawers.

Sprinter Mercedes with Side Protection by Syncro System in New ZealandVan Extras installs Vice Holder for SprinterShelving UNits for Mercedes Sprinter in New ZealandVan Storage System on Mercedes Sprinter in New Zealand

Here’s another example of a Sprinter conversion done by the technicians at Syncro New Zealand. You can’t miss the interior paneling done all in chequered-plate aluminum. To these panels, we mounted two racking units – one on each side, while the bulkhead was left free. The left-hand side is composed of a series of drawer and shelving units mounted on two wheel arch base frames. To the end panel, we mounted a pull-out vise base / worktop complete with vise. On the right-hand side, the racking unit is composed entirely of different sized shelves. Each one comes with a rubber mat and metal dividers to create separate storage spaces. The accessories include a pair of neon ceiling lights.

Mercedes Sprinter with Loading Ramp for VansRoof Rack for Sprinter Mercedes from Van ExtrasLadder Holder for Mercedes Sprinter in New Zealand

It is easy to see from the photos that the large Sprinter roof is well-suited for mounting roof-top transport systems, including utility racks and ladder racks. All of the Sprinter roof-top equipment is manufactured in Italy by Syncro System and is designed specifically for the Mercedes Sprinter. If you are looking for solutions for loading and unloading heavy and/or cumbersome equipment in the cargo space of your Sprinter, Syncro has the answer for you. You can choose from a wide range of loading ramps in various models and sizes – there is one that is the perfect fit for you and your working van.

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