The Mercedes Sprinter – the versatile van from the German automotive manufacturer, first made its appearance on the market in 1995. Since then, it has undergone two restylings. The first (in 2006), also included structural changes, the second (in 2014) considerably changed the Sprinter’s look. Today it comes in three engine types: a diesel 4-cylinder engine with power 70, 95 and 120 kW; a V6 CDI diesel with 140 kW; and natural gas in the two-wheel drive versions, monovalent or bivalent petrol/natural gas.

It comes in a large variety of different sizes: from the short wheel base to extra long, there are four possibilities in length, which you can combine with three different heights (standard, high, super high roof). The maximum capacity reaches 17 cubic meters, with a payload of 2710 kg. The Sprinter is an ideal van to create your own mobile workshop, with ample space for working and moving around easily in the cargo area. A fully organized mobile workshop, it is tidy and functional, thanks to a conversion designed and installed by experienced Syncro New Zealand technicians, who have been installing Sprinter van conversions for the past twenty years.

All-round protection for the Mercedes Sprinter

Side Lining and Floor Cover for Mercedes SprinterFloor Cover for Sprinter MercedesIn New Zealand, Wheelhouse Cover for Mercedes SprinterCover for the Bulkhead on Mercedes Sprinter

Given the way most vans are used, with heavy and bulky cargo loaded and unloaded on a daily basis, tools and materials accidentally dropped and liquids spilled, it is hardly surprising that the floor, walls, doors and even the underside of the roof can easily sustain damage.  Interior liners from Syncro New Zealand can protect your Sprinter from daily wear and tear and from the dents and scratches that can eventually lead to rust and perforation of your van’s bodywork.

The photo above illustrates a Mercedes Sprinter with aluminium liners on the walls and doors. The wheel arches are lined with a combination of galvanized steel and aluminium tread plate. This latter material also lines the van’s bulkhead. The floor liner is in damp-proof and water-proof resin-coated plywood with a non-slip surface.

A Sprinter with Syncro Ultra racking and accessories

01_A Sprinter with Syncro Ultra racking02_A Sprinter with aluminium tread plate liners and racking 03_The Sprinter’s workbench and case trays

Thanks to its large cargo compartment, a suitable racking system can turn your Sprinter into a compact but well-equipped mobile workshop. The example seen above shows a van fitted out with drawers, shelves and a practical, two-door locker that is ideal for storing not just work clothes but items of value too.  The racking also includes a number of case trays, a plywood workbench and a fold-away vice bench complete with vice.  

Syncro’s roof racks and loading ramps let you exploit your Sprinter to the full

Mercedes Sprinter with Loading Ramp for VansRoof Rack for Sprinter Mercedes from Van ExtrasLadder Holder for Mercedes Sprinter in New Zealand

As the photos show, the generously dimensioned Sprinter is an ideal platform for a Syncro roof rack or ladder rack.  All Syncro roof racks for the Mercedes Sprinter are manufactured in Italy and designed especially for the van. If you are looking for a way to load and unload heavy, cumbersome equipment into and out of your Sprinter, Syncro has the perfect solution for you. You can choose from a wide range of loading ramps, with so many models and sizes that there is bound to be one exactly right for you and your van.

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