The Fiat Scudo is a medium-sized van result of a joint venture between Fiat and PSA Peugeot Citroën. It has the same design as the Citroën Jumpy and Peugeot Expert. In 2007 was introduced new version and also new engine versions came available. The Scudo has a loading capacity from 850 to 900 kilograms (1,900–2,000 lb), including the driver, and load space of 4 cubic meters (140 cu ft) alone with an interior length of 2,059 mm (81 in). The unobstructed distance between wheel arches is 1,220 mm (48 in): these dimensions mean that 2 euro pallets can be loaded into the vehicle. The Scudo is built with a choice of two diesel engines and one gasoline. Diesel engines are either the 69 PS (51 kW; 68 hp) 1.9 D, or the 109 PS (80 kW; 108 hp) 2.0 JTD and the gasoline engine is 1,6 (1581 cc 58 kW).

Syncro System group has been in the van equipment business since 1996. We have manufactured and offered from the beginning in-vehicle storage systems, van interior protection, roof racks and accessory solutions for Fiat Scudo, fitting thousands of LCVs for tradesman, plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers, maintenance services, etc.

Fiat Scudo: racking and liners from Syncro New Zealand

01_Fiat Scudo with inside Protection by Syncro System02_Side Protection for Scudo in New Zealand 03_Scudo Fiat with Interior Lining by Syncro System

Syncro System New Zealand  supplies and fits an extensive range of pre-cut and pre-drilled liners for the Fiat Scudo. Syncro liners extend your van’s life by protecting its interior against the accidental scratches, dents, and spillages caused by working inside it and by loading and unloading equipment.

The Scudo seen here is fitted with floor and bulkhead liners in ultra-durable, resin-coated plywood.  The walls and doors are protected by galvanised steel liners.  Because all liners are pre-cut and pre-drilled, Syncro installers can fit them quickly, meaning that your vehicle stays in the workshop for only a few hours!

Syncro Ultra drawers, shelves and accessories for the Fiat Scudo

01_A Fiat Scudo with Syncro Ultra racking02_The Scudo’s Syncro Ultra racking03_Metal drawers in the Scudo04_The Scudo’s racking seen through the side door

Designed to allow Scudo users to keep all their tools and materials tidy and easily accessible, and to leave plenty of space free for cargo, Syncro racking solutions can combine many different items from the Syncro catalogue. For example, inside the van, one wall can be fitted with shelves while the other can be equipped with drawers and case trays, as in the installation illustrated above. 

Remember that all combinations are possible with Syncro’s new Ultra system, the latest generation if Syncro racking. Just explain your needs to our racking team to discover the perfect solution for you! 

Tough and silent roof racks for the Fiat Scudo

01_Roof Transport System for Scudo from Van Extras02_In New Zealand, Roof Racks for Scudo Fiat03_Scudo with Aluminium Roof Bars

As you can see from the photos above, you can use your Scudo’s roof to transport large items of equipment and material. The Syncro catalogue includes a wide range of roof equipment, including cross-bars, roof racks with or without side fences, rear loading rollers for easy loading and unloading, ladder racks with one or two slides and pipe carriers – all specially made for the Fiat Scudo.

To load heavy equipment into your van, you can choose from dozens of Syncro loading ramps of different size and capacity, some for mounting on the van and others that can easily be fitted and removed as needed.

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