The Fiat Scudo is a medium-sized van result of a joint venture between Fiat and PSA Peugeot Citroën. It has the same design as the Citroën Jumpy and Peugeot Expert. In 2007 was introduced new version and also new engine versions came available. The Scudo has a loading capacity from 850 to 900 kilograms (1,900–2,000 lb), including the driver, and load space of 4 cubic meters (140 cu ft) alone with an interior length of 2,059 mm (81 in). The unobstructed distance between wheel arches is 1,220 mm (48 in): these dimensions mean that 2 euro pallets can be loaded into the vehicle. The Scudo is built with a choice of two diesel engines and one gasoline. Diesel engines are either the 69 PS (51 kW; 68 hp) 1.9 D, or the 109 PS (80 kW; 108 hp) 2.0 JTD and the gasoline engine is 1,6 (1581 cc 58 kW).

Syncro System group has been in the van equipment business since 1996. We have manufactured and offered from the beginning in-vehicle storage systems, van interior protection, roof racks and accessory solutions for Fiat Scudo, fitting thousands of LCVs for tradesman, plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers, maintenance services, etc.

01_Fiat Scudo with inside Protection by Syncro System02_Side Protection for Scudo in New Zealand 03_Scudo Fiat with Interior Lining by Syncro System

Syncro System New Zealand offers an extensive range of pre-cut and pre-drilled interior paneling for the Fiat Scudo, extending the life of your commercial vehicle by protecting original surfaces from daily wear and tear caused by normal work in the cargo area, loading and unloading of equipment, and from accidental bumps, dents, and spills.

On this Scudo, we mounted the resin-coated ultra durable plywood floor panel, and bulkhead panel. The walls and doors are protected by galvanized steel paneling. Because all components are pre-cut and pre-drilled, Syncro center technicians can install your interior lining so quickly that your vehicle stays in the shop no more than a few hours!

01_In New Zealand, Scudo Fiat transformed into Mobile Workshop by Van Extras02_Shelving Units and Tool Cases Blocking System for Scudo FiatScudo Fiat in New Zealand with trasparent Drawer Cabinets

Once you have protected your cargo interior, it is time to think about racking equipment. Thanks to the total modularity of Syncro System components, with help of expert Syncro technicians, you can design your conversion to perfectly fit your needs.

In this first example, we see a Scudo with racking equipment along both side walls, as well as on the roof for the safe roof-top transport of even large and/or bulky cargo. This Syncro customer chose the ladder rack and tube carrier. Like all Syncro’s roof-top systems, these components are patented with the aerodynamic Supersilent design, which significantly reduces noise and vibration on the road.

Looking at the left-hand side racking units, we see two wheel arch base frames (one with door panel and the other open and equipped with the Syncro safe case storage system), spacious open shelving, and a series of pull-out trays for storing and transporting the metal organizer and service cases. Mounted to the end panel is a safe-saving pull-out vise base / worktop complete with vise, which is accessible from outside the back of the vehicle.

The right-hand side is dedicated to drawer space. Above a wheel arch base with door panel, we mounted the Multibox drawer unit with removable containers, and a series of different sized, forward-tilting and removable, clear plastic drawers.

01_Scudo Fiat as a Mobile Workshop with Syncro System Van Storage Solutions02_Transparent Plastic Drawers for Scudo Fiat in New Zealand03_See-through Plastic Drawers for Scudo Fiat04_ Fiat Scudo as a Mobile Workshop

This is another example of a conversion done by Syncro System New Zealand, which shows just how versatile the racking equipment is. You can really design it to fit your exact working van needs. The right and left-hand sides are nearly mirror images of one another and consist of the base frame with a series of drawer units with clear plastic drawers in two sizes. All drawers are clear plastic, which allows the user to quickly see contents, and all are equipped with recessed buttons to ensure easy opening and automatic locking. All drawers can be completely removed, for adding or removing items or for bringing them with you on the job site.

One of the particulars of this conversion is the mounting of tracks both in the floor panel and along the bulkhead. This Syncro System accessory is particularly versatile and can be used in combination with straps and ratchet clasps to tie down even extremely heavy and bulky cargo, or to attach load lock bars.

01_Roof Transport System for Scudo from Van Extras02_In New Zealand, Roof Racks for Scudo Fiat03_Scudo with Aluminium Roof Bars

As we see in the examples above, you can take advantage of your Scudo roof space to transport large equipment and materials. A wide range of roof-top systems can be found in the Syncro catalog, including cross bars, utility racks (with or without side rails), and rear rolling bars for easy loading and unloading, ladder racks with one or two slide-out and tube carriers – all designed specifically for the Fiat Scudo.

For loading heavy equipment in the van, you can choose from dozens of models of Syncro ramps, all with different sizes and weight limits, some mounted directly to the van, while others can be easily positioned and removed as needed.

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