The Iveco Daily is a large van produced by Iveco from 1978. The current generation was designed by Giugiaro and arrived to markets in the middle of 2006, the front has been restyled and now features a new grille with honeycombed centre and a much bigger Iveco badge. It's available as: Van, cabin cruiser, Combi, Minibus, Agile, and CNG.The Daily range has been around since 1978 and in that time has proved itself a solid and capable performer. As a panel van at 3.5-tonnes GVW, it is rather different from all the others inasmuch as it is a big truck with a proper chassis and rear-wheel drive that has been scaled down to size. Under the bonnet goes a new range of 2.3-litre and 3.0-litre diesel power plants. The smaller unit offers 96 bhp, 106 bhp, 116 bhp, 126 bhp and 136 bhp with torque from 177 lb-ft to 236 lb-ft while the larger one has 146 bhp and 176 bhp, with torque from 258 lb-ft to 295 lb-ft.There are three load classes, with ‘L’ signifying vans up to 3.5t gross vehicle weight, ‘S’ referring to vans over 3.5t GVW and ‘C’ reserved for vans over 3.5t GVW with double rear wheels. There are three roof heights, three wheelbases and four lengths to select from producing a range of load volumes from 7 m3 to 17 m3. Payload capacities range from 1,060 kg to over 4,000 kg in the 70C model which has a 7.0 t GVW.

Protection for DailyFloor Protection for Daily Iveco from Van ExtrasDaily Iveco with Side lining by Syncro System

Comprehensive range of internal protections for the loading bay of Daily: pre-shaped floors in phenolic or knurled aluminium, bulkhead and wheel arch coverings. Made of anodized aluminium or pre-painted metal sheet, the side linings grant an optimal protection of the bodywork. Pictures above show an Iveco Daily with internal aluminium lining.

Van Racking with Syncro Storage Solution for Iveco Daily in New ZealandShelving Units installed by Van Extras on Iveco DailyComplete Van Racking for Iveco Daily

Check out an example of an exemplary Iveco Daily conversion. From the photos, you can clearly see that the racking units installed by Syncro System New Zealand transform the cargo area into an orderly, ideally designed work and storage space.

On the right-hand side, we mounted a complete racking systems, while along the bulkhead, we installed a single drawer unit composed of a series of clearplastic drawers, to make locating and retrieving small parts and fittings fast and easy.

The racking unit on the left-hand side is composed of a wheel arch base frame (with baseboard), eight trays for storing metal service cases (complete with cases), two shelves, and closest to the bulkhead, a locking cabinet. Moving upwards, we see four shelves (two by two) and running along the entire unit, at the top, is the Syncro extra-long storage shelf, which makes excellent use of the space just under the ceiling. The right-hand racking unit is composed of a wheel arch base, a series of metal drawers, and three shelves.

Mobile Workshop on IVeco Daily from Van ExtrasIveco Daily with Workbench by Syncro SystemLockable Van Locker for Iveco Daily in New Zealand

It is possible to create an efficient mobile workshop on the Iveco Daily. As you can see from the photos above, the left-hand side racking unit is a versatile work area, complete with plenty of shelving space and drawer units to hold all kinds of tools, equipment, material and parts. In addition, a spacious worktop made of workman tough, resin-coated plywood. The whole area is brightly lit with a neon ceiling light, which you can find along with the wide range of lighting accessories that Syncro System New Zealand offers.

The right-hand racking unit makes up the Iveco Daily’s ‘warehouse’. The locker close to the back doors is a convenient storage place for work clothes and/or for work equipment that is long and not bulky. We also installed two shelves, one open shelf and one bin shelf. Along the bulkhead, we mounted the Syncro track and strap system for securing even heavy and bulky equipment and materials.

Ladder Holder for the IVeco Daily with Syncro System SuperSilent ProfileDaily Iveco in New Zealand with Loading RampIveco Daily with Roof Bars

The Iveco Daily becomes even more functional by adding handy accessories tailored to your specific needs, and by outfitting the roof with roof-top equipment designed specifically by Syncro System for the Daily.

In the first photo above, we see the Syncro Daily utility rack combined with the ladder rack (complete with a single slide-out). The slide-out is designed and built to allow the user to unload heavy ladders without effort or risk of injury. In the middle photo, there is a ladder rack and loading ramp. Daily ramps come in a wide range of models – some mounted to the van itself, and others that can be easily attached and removed when not needed. The last photo shows another example of a Daily utility rack mounted on the Daily by Syncro System New Zealand. In this photo, you can see the details that characterize the Syncro roof racks, all with our Syncro System Supersilent patent that guarantees greatly reduced vibration and noise while on the road.

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