Work vans from Syncro New Zealand 

Proper equipment can transform a simple van suitable only for carrying cargo into a workshop on wheels that you can use to work away from base, on construction sites or at your customers’ homes.

20_Production machines for Syncro racking21_TÜV GS certification for Syncro System racking

There are many good reasons to go to Syncro System in Auckland to get your van fitted out. For a start, Syncro racking and accessories can turn even the untidiest van into a model of order and cleanliness. Whatever tools, materials and cargo you need to carry around, Syncro System has exactly the right racking options (including shelves, drawerslockers, trays, workbenches and cargo bars) to hold them, support them and, more importantly, secure them as you drive. Safety is another of the key features of any van fitted out by Syncro New Zealand. To prevent tools, equipment and cargo damaging your van’s bodywork and potentially putting you and other road users at risk, Syncro offers a range of solutions for keeping everything safely inside the racking or properly secured by hooks, straps and other retaining systems, so that nothing moves from where it is put.

01_A Transit with shelves and plastic containers02_Racking in an Opel Combo

Bodywork protection for well-equipped vans

To protect your van’s bodywork, Syncro System New Zealand supplies an extensive range of interior liners  in different materials and sizes, covering all popular models of van. Floor liners can be fitted single or double (to form an under-floor drawer system or create concealed storage space). Wall and door liners are available in various materials and you can also specify wheel arch covers, window grilles and bulkhead liners.

Custom solutions and accessories for all needs

10_A van with Syncro Ultra racking11_A Transit racking system with a Syncro Ultra workbench12_Multibox transparent containers

To help you create the perfect van racking system for your own needs, Syncro System New Zealand can also install a wide range of accessories covering all kinds of practical needs. We can fit special door locks, window films and bolts for added security; handwash kits and sinks with water cans and pumps, cleansing wipes and paper roll holders for cleanliness on the move; and cans or tanks in various sizes and materials for carrying liquids. And let’s not forget our interior lights, outdoor work lights and roof racks and ladder racks for exploiting the space on top of your van.

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