The new home of Francom, Syncro System’s parent company

Auckland (New Zealand). The Syncro System group never stops evolving. In fact, the entire group has only one objective: continuous improvement. The big news for the first half of 2018 concerns the company's infrastructure: Francom S.p.A. the group’s parent company, has moved into a new building characterised by excellent energy efficiency, plenty of space and technologically advanced machines for the production of van racking. Syncro New Zealand is proud to show you the source of the liners, racking and accessories installed by dealers all over the world.

02_Latest generation laser cutting machines 03_Laser cutting machines for forming Syncro System products 04_A new routing machine at Francom05_Francom's panel forming machine in operation 06_The offices of Francom’s HQ in Via Portile07_The photovoltaic system on the roof of the new Francom plant

More space for production, storage and installations

Francom’s new HQ is located in Cassola, in the north Italian province of Vicenza, only a few kilometres, as the crow flies, from the old factory in the centre of San Zeno. The new building provides 8700 square metres of floor space. Inside, production is divided between the ground floor, where the sheet metal cutting and bending machines and plywood panel forming machines are located, and the first floor, home to the painting and metal part assembly sections. Most of the machines are recent acquisitions, carefully selected for advanced technology like numeric control and the ability to interface with the company’s ERP system. Thanks to planned investments in high-precision, low-consumption machinery over the two-year period 2017 -2018, Francom has improved productivity and efficiency and achieved energy savings of 30%.  The new building also houses a full-height warehouse for Syncro products and a large area dedicated to logistic activities, including product preparation, packaging and despatch to dealers.

A truly eco-friendly HQ

Safety and the environment were key considerations in the construction of the new building. The design took into account all the factors that affect the energy costs of a large company like Syncro: impact on the environment is minimal as a result. 1060 photovoltaic modules were installed on the roof and came on line in January 2018. This allows Francom to produce around 330,000 kWh/year of electrical energy, covering around 40% of the company’s needs. Green energy is complemented by significantly low consumption, achieved through an almost exclusive use of LED lighting, efficient exploitation of natural light from large roof windows and excellent insulation in the form of efficient wall and roof coverings, carefully selected during the construction phase.

A great deal of attention has also been paid to employee safety: standardised operating procedures, continuous training and the use of machines with sophisticated safety systems are just some of the aspects of the safety plan the company has put in place to minimise the risk of incidents.

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