Customised van racking for helping electricians work more easily and efficiently

Auckland (New Zealand). Are you an electrician? If so, are you looking for the best way to carry everything you need in your van? Would you like to wash your hands when you finish a job, before making out the bill? Or always have proper lighting for the job you are working on? What about completing that small repair on site without having to go back to base or work on makeshift, rickety benches, with the risk of slipping and doing a bad job? The solution to all these needs lies in a van racking system custom-made for electricians by Syncro System, complete with accessories that respond exactly to your needs plus, of course, secure and orderly storage for all the tools of your trade. Today we are presenting an example of a racking system designed especially for an electrician by Syncro New Zealand, installed in a medium size van at our Auckland workshop.

01_A Daily with racking for an electrician 02_Van accessories for an electrician03_A Daily with racking and accessories for an electrician04_A van equipped with everything an electrician could possibly need 05_A Daily with a custom roof transport system for an electrician

Racking designed to satisfy all the basic requirements of an electrician

Take a look at the photos of this electrician’s custom-made racking system and you can see that it satisfies the needs expressed above to perfection.

  1. To carry everything you need in your van, all you have to do is to fix an appointment with a Syncro adviser who will help you to choose the exact racking system you require. In this case, the racking is specially designed to carry the electrician’s most frequently used tools and equipment. On the left, two columns of racking provide storage space in the form of two metal drawers, three open shelves, two shelves with doors, a wheel arch cabinet and a universal case storage compartment, plus a full length top shelf for long items like cable channels and ducts. The right side is fitted with a single column of racking, starting at the bottom with a closed wheel arch cabinet. Above this are eight trays for metal component and tool cases, two drawers and two shelves.
  2. To keep you and your equipment clean away from base, Syncro offers a choice of accessories characterised by compact design and high efficiency. In this particular case the Syncro team has installed a water tank with tap and a soap dispenser on one door. A paper roll holder is fitted nearby, on the back of the left side racking. So no more greasy marks or dirt from the job on this electrician’s bills and quotes!
  3. One of the most frequent problems facing the electrician is having to work in poor lighting, especially in dark interiors, outdoors in bad weather or late in the evening. To solve this problem, Syncro has installed an LED lamp with extension cable. The lamp is powered by the van’s own battery so is completely autonomous.
  4. Making repairs and doing small jobs in the van really means converting it from a simple cargo carrier into a mobile workshop. Luckily, this is easy with Syncro racking. As the photos show, the back of the right side racking incorporates a fold-away vice bench that is easy to open and close and provides a practical, safe work surface. On request, Syncro can also install fixed work benches, complete with dedicated lighting and even tool racks.

Other needs, other solutions: Syncro New Zealand goes that extra mile to help the electrician

If your own work has other requirements, don’t worry! Get in touch with your local Syncro dealer in Auckland to ask for advice. No obligations attached. As the photos above show, every little detail is decided personally and every solution made to measure. If you need to carry a ladder, we can install a practical ladder rack on the roof of your van, perhaps along with a transport tube for cable channels. If you need to carry large items of cargo and want a way to secure them firmly for the journey, you can request a bar and strap cargo retaining system like that fitted to the bulkhead of the van in the photos. If you have to use your van as a mobile office, why not fit out a drawer with a writing board for use as a desk and as a support for your laptop.  

Don’t think it can’t be done! We can always find a way to satisfy your needs!

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