The most important new products introduced by Syncro System in 2016

New Zealand. For a company like Syncro System, research means being able to offer customers products that satisfy their needs more and more closely. Advances in this direction never stop: from small details like new ergonomic handles to major developments like the introduction of an ultra-strong material for transparent drawers and containers, every year the Syncro Group extends and improves the range of van racking products and accessories from which customers can choose.

01_Transparent Multibox containers from Syncro New Zealand02_Van drawer cabinet with transparent drawers03_Removable transparent drawers for vans

In the field of accessories, in 2016 Syncro added the following items to its already extensive range:

  • removable waste bin;
  • microsphere handwash cream;
  • Saturn Evo rear door lock;
  • battery protection device.

All these products are available from Syncro dealers in New Zealand.

Let’s have a closer look at them!

Removable bin for vans

The tilting and removable van waste bin is a logical development of the office waste bin! To keep your van’s load compartment clean and tidy, on top of the right cleaning and drying accessories, you also need somewhere to dispose of small items of waste when no roadside rubbish bin is within reach.

Syncro System has designed and produced a steel bin that fits inside Syncro wheel arch cabinets in any position, and can be tilted open and removed for easy emptying. The bin combines with all other Syncro storage modules, and can be installed wherever the customer wants. More than one bin can be included in your racking configuration on request.

The bin comes complete with a magnet and stops to prevent vibration during transport.

Handwash cream with microspheres and dedicated canister rack

Cleaning your hands properly after a job away from base helps keep the cab seats, the steering wheel and important documents clean too. Now it is easier than ever to do so! Syncro’s creamy new handwash is pH neutral and contains PET microspheres that remove all kinds of dirt from your hands with a gentle rubbing action. The handwash cream comes in 3 litre canisters with a dispenser cap. The kit also includes a metal canister rack for installation in your van. Handwash cream is also available in money-saver 4-canister kits to make sure you are never caught without. Handwash cream canisters can also be installed in kits with a water canister and tap.

01_Van waste bin from Syncro New Zealand02_Removable bin for vans03_Handwash kit with the new microsphere cream

Saturn Evo rear door lock

After the UFO and the UFO Plus, the latest rear door lock to come from Syncro is the Saturn Evo. This ergonomic, super-strong lock is made entirely from stainless steel and features a drill-resistant cylinder. The lock body can be left on the door or removed.

Battery protection device for vans

This brand new device from Syncro System allows customers to exploit their vehicle batteries to the full without any risk of over-discharging them. Over-discharging can cause irreparable damage and leave you unable to start the engine in the most awkward situations.

The battery protection device can be fitted directly to the battery or secured to the racking using a dedicated adapter. It monitors the condition of the battery continuously and disconnects the load if voltage falls under a certain threshold. The device therefore ensures that there is always enough power to start the engine and warns you to recharge the battery before any damage is caused.

01_Battery protection device for vans02_The Saturn Evo rear door lock 03_Functioning of Syncro New Zealand’s Saturn Evo rear door lock
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