A Fiat Ducato fitted out by Syncro New Zealand for a refrigeration service

New Zealand. The job of the refrigeration technician is to install, repair and service refrigeration systems, especially for the preservation of food and drink. His typical customer runs a restaurant or food store, so the technician obviously needs a van with custom-made shelves, drawers and accessories to work at their premises. In the case illustrated in this photo gallery, a refrigeration service had a Fiat Ducato fitted out to meet its needs by Syncro System New Zealand. It’s important to remember that every Syncro van racking system is custom made to match the user’s requirements and therefore unique. So let’s have a closer look at this particular installation to see how Syncro designed the perfect system for a refrigeration business.

01_A Fiat Ducato with racking for a refrigeration service, by Syncro New Zealand02_Racking with cabinets and accessories in a Fiat Ducato operated by refrigeration technicians03_Accessories and storage compartments in a refrigeration service's Ducato

A van for a refrigeration service // Requirement 1: storage capacity

To carry spare parts, tools and other small-medium items, the owners of this Ducato asked for the load compartment to be equipped with a generous number of storage compartments, each large enough to hold the equipment and material concerned. The van was therefore fitted with shelving units along both side walls to provide a total of eight shelves, each equipped with non-slip mats and space dividers. In addition, the racking also includes full-length top shelves and wheel arch cabinets with part-height doors. To carry smaller items, frequently needed materials and parts that have to be counted and topped up regularly, Syncro installed a wall-mounted cabinet at the bulkhead, with a large number of tilting and removable containers in transparent plastic.

A van for a refrigeration service // Requirement 2: tidiness

Refrigeration technicians have to carry around a large number of small parts. The best way to store these in an orderly manner is inside component cases, arranged in a logical order to suit the task in hand and to give customers an impression of professionalism. In this Ducato, two cabinets provide six trays for metal component cases. It only takes a few seconds and one simple movement to pull out the cases ready for use or replace them in transport position ready for the next journey. This arrangement ensures that small items are always tidy and instantly accessible.

A van for a refrigeration service // Requirement 3: safety

Refrigeration technicians often have to transport large spares or equipment, so a flexible and safe method for securing cargo is essential. The ideal solution in this case comes in the form of a combination of metal rails and cargo straps on the bulkhead and hook and strap lashing systems on the back of the cabinets.

A van for a refrigeration service // Requirement 4: 100% functionality

Even with the impressive storage described above, this Ducato still needed some essential accessories to become fully functional! The Syncro New Zealand team therefore added:

  1. A rack for spray cans to allow technicians to touch up damaged paintwork;
  2. A paper roll holder for wiping hands and tools even in the worst logistic conditions;
  3. Two bar racks to carry long, pointed objects in complete safety.
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