A Sprinter for a floor layer, fitted out in Auckland

Auckland. The floor layer is one of the last professionals to enter any residential, commercial or industrial construction site. This technical specialist needs a van to carry around all the material he uses (like boxes containing tiles or wood strips and bags of resin adhesive) along with all the tools and accessories needed to achieve a perfect finish. Have a look at the photos on this page and you’re sure to agree that the racking in this Mercedes Sprinter is perfect for the job of laying floors.

01_A Sprinter with racking for a floor layer, by Syncro New Zealand02_Accessories in the Syncro racking system03_A set of silicone tube racks in the van 04_Case retaining systems by Syncro New Zealand

Closed and open racking in the Sprinter

A generous number of shelves have been included in the racking on the left and right of this van. This is because Syncro shelving is particularly versatile. At floor level, practical storage has been created over the wheel arches by fitting hinged doors to the racking structure. This has transformed two otherwise unusable spaces into generous compartments. How generous? Just consider that the customer uses the compartment on the left, with its fully opening lift-and-rotate door, to carry a step-ladder. A full-length top tray with a fold-down door at the rear provides easy-access transport for long tools, brush handles and other items of elongated floor laying equipment.

Cargo retaining systems: on the walls, doors and racking

This floor layer’s Sprinter is fitted with various types of cargo retaining system:

  • On the rear door:a cargo rail with two adjustable and movable hooks at the top and a strap with two rings at the bottom form a practical ladder holder;
  • On the bulkhead: two strategically positioned, parallel bar and strap systems are ideal for securing even awkward items like the sack barrow seen in the photos;
  • On the left wall, inside two compartments, one at floor level and the other immediately above, case shuttles combine with bar and strap systems and side counter-panels to form two practical case transport compartments;
  • On the racking itself: two milled rails, arranged vertically on the left side racking, and a hook and strap system, arranged horizontally, provide secure transport for particularly tall boxes like those that contain large size ceramic tiles.

A custom solution to a special need

Our floor layer uses a lot of silicone to seal cracks and prevent the ingress of water and other liquids. To carry a large quantity of silicone conveniently and safely, the Syncro team came up with a custom solution designed especially for this Sprinter. They installed a set of three silicone tube racks (providing a total of 27 tube holes) on the same wall. This original solution uses two aluminium rails for support, minimising the load on the honeycomb plastic wall liners.

Syncro: every racking system is a custom solution

There really is no limit to the versatility of Syncro van racking other than the size and load capacity of your van. Everything else can be customised, so you’re sure to find the right solution!

Get in touch with your nearest Syncro New Zealand dealer. Our advice is free and might well provide an answer to those problems you thought were unsolvable!

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