An Opel Vivaro for installing boilers

New Zealand. There’s everything you need in there! It’s no exaggeration, this van racking system by Syncro New Zealand really does contain everything you could possibly require for a day’s work. If your deal with civil or industrial plumbing and heating systems, you know how many tools, spares and sundries you have to carry with you, in short how much “stuff” you need to stay fully operational and avoid wasting time between one job and the next. Getting your van fitted out by the professionals is the only way to carry all that “stuff” without having to dump your boxes and cases in a pile on the floor. This page illustrates a high roof Opel Vivaro with custom racking for a boiler installer, designed and fitted by Syncro System New Zealand.

01_The boiler installer’s Opel Vivaro, with racking by Syncro New Zealand02_Racking in the Opel Vivaro, including transparent containers, case trays and metal drawers03_The boiler installer’s Vivaro with an internal ladder retaining system04_A side view of the Vivaro showing the racking by Syncro New Zealand

1: Protection

If you have to load and unload boilers, pipes, tools and equipment multiple times a day, there’s no way to avoid the occasional impact with your van’s bodywork. In fact, it’s going to happen quite often. Dents and scratches are not just bad for your van, they’re bad for your pocket too, because in the long run they lead to rust and holes that need an expensive visit to a body repair shop to fix. Luckily, this kind of damage can be avoided simply by fitting good quality liners! The Syncro New Zealand team protected the floor of this Vivaro with a robust resin-coated plywood liner and the doors and walls with painted metal panels.

2: Racking

The racking was then fixed to the rigid surfaces presented by the liners. Only the left side of the van was used, in line with the customer’s preferences and a thorough assessment of his needs. The racking occupies the full height of the left side wall, from floor to roof. Thanks to the availability of modules of different depth, the Syncro team was able to exploit every inch of available space, adapting the drawers and shelves to the shape of the Vivaro’s body. Particularly worth noting are:

  • 36 transparent containers. Two different types of containers are provided: some pull-out and some tilting. The transparent plastic from which these containers are made lets you see immediately what’s inside without having to open them, and a practical release button on the front lets you open and remove them easily to take out or replace content. They can even be fitted with space dividers to form separate compartments.
  • 3 metal drawers: classic van storage. Syncro drawers are fitted with ball-bearing runners and are fully opening, spacious and load resistant.
  • Open and closed shelves. Shelves, open or with a door, provide particularly versatile storage. They can hold boxes and tools and, if fitted with metal space dividers, even consumables, spare parts and sundries.
  • Case trays. These feature the same ball-bearing runners as Syncro drawers, but are specially designed to hold Syncro metal cases – the ideal way to carry power tools and small items.

3: Accessories

Accessories allow this Vivaro to express its potential to the full. In this particular van, operated by a boiler installation service:

  1. The rear end of the racking is fitted with a bar rack and a paper roll holder;
  2. The right side wall is fitted with a metal bar and strap that forms an excellent ladder retaining system.
  3. The bulkhead is equipped with two parallel metal bars running parallel to the floor, for securing cargo of different size and type with the addition of suitable hooks and straps.
  4. LED ceiling lights on the roof provide powerful but pleasant lighting with extremely low energy consumption.
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