An Iveco Daily for an air filtration service

Auckland (New Zealand). The company that owns this van specialises in industrial air extraction and filtration equipment. They handle all aspects of the product from design and production to installation and commissioning at the customer’s site and also provide after-sales assistance in the form of scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs in the event of malfunctions or breakdowns. The racking system installed in this Daily Iveco is custom-designed for the firm’s after-sales service. 

 11_The Daily with its fold-away vice bench12_The Daily with cargo retaining systems and racking by Syncro System13_Syncro System’s work bench in the Daily14_The Daily, showing the racking by Syncro System

Customer requirements 

For the van to provide a rapid and efficient maintenance and repair service, the racking had to satisfy the following requirements: 

  • It needed a functional work area for carrying out repairs and maintenance at the customer’s site
  • It had to carry all the necessary materials and spares in perfect order and with instant access
  • It needed to be easy to clean, to ensure maximum efficiency and convey a professional image
  • It had to be fitted with effective and secure cargo retaining systems 

Syncro equipment in the maintenance service’s Daily: liners 

Protection! This is where all racking installations start! The walls and floor are the areas most subject to wear and damage in any van as a result of daily use. Robust liners, however, can prevent most kinds of damage, keep your van looking new and extend its working life. In this particular Daily, the floor is protected by a plywood liner with a marble-look surface while the walls and the tops of the doors are lined with aluminium panels.  Between them, these materials provide excellent protection and help keep the van looking clean and tidy at all times. The floor liner in particular is extremely easy to clean. Even when dirty, the marble agglomerate patterning on the surface is extremely effective in hiding dirt and small marks. 

The Daily’s work area 

In response to the customer’s requests, this Daily is fitted with a work area just as efficient as any fixed workshop. The right side of the van is fitted with a marble-look plywood work bench with a raised back to stop items falling down between the bench and the side wall. This already generous work surface is complemented by a fold-away vice bench that makes the van even more effective as a mobile workshop and takes up very little space when folded away. Drawers under the work bench provide easily accessible storage for all the tools, spares and sundries needed to carry out servicing and repairs. 

All you need to transport and secure tools and materials 

This Iveco Daily provides its owners with two ways to carry tools and materials: the racking itself and cargo retaining systems. 

  1. The racking.Metal drawers are provided on the left and right of the racking and can be pulled out for their full length to allow easy access to their contents. Both the drawers and the open shelves are fitted with non-slip mats and separate compartments can be formed by adding metal space dividers. A pull-out tray has been added to carry two metal component cases. The left side also features a number of shelves of removable plastic containers, a great way to carry small to medium size spare parts. The top tray is specially designed to carry long items like pipes and cable ducts.
  2. Cargo retaining systems. The van’s bulkhead and the free sections of wall alongside the racking on the left side wall are fitted with metal bar and strap cargo retaining systems, an excellent solution for securing even large items of cargo. Another cargo retaining system with a metal rail can be seen on the wall inside the racking itself. 

Accessories make working in the van so much easier 

Syncro has installed some carefully selected accessories to make the life and work of the service engineers who use this Daily as easy as possible. We can see:  

  1. A bar and strap system for holding all makes and models of tool and component case securely in place.
  2. A paper roll holder and a handwash kit with a water can and soap dispenser, easy to access and great for washing and drying your hands or tools wherever you are.  
  3. Movable and adjustable hooks, a really versatile way of carrying all kinds of material.  
  4. LED ceiling lights: five low-consumption LED ceiling lights with touch-controls, providing a total of 5000 lumen of strong but pleasantly diffused lighting to enable van operators to work in all outdoor light conditions.
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